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White, clean and serene master bath
Transformation from living room to home office

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Exciting news

  This kitchen will soon be featured along with the rest of my log home cottage in a local magazine. I’m so excited. Once it’s published and available I’ll let you all know. And did you know that it was an award winner?

Kitchen Planning Standards – Class 101

Ever wonder what standards there are for either a new kitchen or a kitchen renovation? Well, I’m here to help! These industry standards will help  you work out your plan properly so you don’t run into any unexpected surprises. APPLIANCES Standard oven width – 30 inches Standard dishwasher width – 24 inches Standard fridge width […]

How to properly light your kitchen

So how do you properly light a fairly dark kitchen? I was asked this question recently in my Facebook group – Empty Nesters – Reclaim your Space (click to join). So here’s my two cents on how to light your kitchen so you aren’t squinting when you are trying to create your gourmet meal. There […]