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Architecture, streets and alleys of France

So for this post, I am focusing on the streets, architecture and alleys of France.  Some of these photos are actually taken in Monaco, but I am going to put them in France for today  Warning there are a ton of photos in this post!   Did you spot all the Roman buildings in this […]


Doors of Italy

Today is all about the doors of Italy. I love how so many of these huge doors have smaller doors within them…for the regular sized people.     Next up, alleyways, streets and architecture.  


Opening the door to France

Hi, I’m back!  Sorry for the long absence but I was travelling in Europe.  Doesn’t that sound posh, I was being terribly spoiled by my hubby for my upcoming birthday.  And I enjoyed every moment.  Travel is so inspiring.  I thought I’d share some photos that I took on my trip of some absolutely stunning […]