A couple of treasures found

My hubby and I purchased an old cottage about six years ago.  It was in very rough shape and needed to be gutted and rebuilt.  But that’s for a bunch more posts.  Anyways, the previous owner left many items that she didn’t want to move and so we became the recipients of many interesting items.

I insisted we keep some of them much to my hubby’s despair and a few of them have turned out to be precious little treasures.

The first piece was this desk that had belonged to the owner’s grandfather.

I couldn’t bear to get rid of it, I think I was more sentimental about it than she was.  Anyways, an antique dealer has told me that it was a library desk made in the early 1900’s of oak – in the mission style except for the scalloped edges at the front – a decorative touch the carpenter decided upon.

It has these cute little shelves on each side to place books on from the side.

It has it’s original finish with marks, scratches and drops of paint but I’ve been told not to refinish it as that will negatively affect it’s value.

So now it has a special little spot in front of the window at the cottage with it’s finish intact.

Then there was also an old 1920’s chair that I refinished and blogged about here.


If this wasn’t enough there was also a tiny Gibbard drop leaf side table which was in sad shape.  There were cigarette burns on the top and a piece of the leg was broken.  While I refinished it my Dad (the handy guy) fixed the leg and now it resides in my living room.  Gibbard was too good for the cottage!!!


Isn’t it a cute little table.

(P.S. Don’t look at the wing chair upholstery that is on the list to be redone.)

Now see if you can see what is in the frame in the above photo – it’s another little treasure from the cottage. Stay tuned for a post about it soon.



  1. Wow, you lucked out with these pieces!! Love the desk, it’s really unique. Good thing the antique dealer told you about its value before you painted it!! Besides, the little dings and nicks and scratches add character and show that it’s been used and loved 🙂


    P.S. Thanks for the paint colour suggestion for my door — I like it!!

  2. I think it’s really pretty, I love antique furniture, cuts, paint spills and all. I love that you can make up your own little stories about what it has been through =)

  3. I can’t believe that the owner didn’t want these gems!! You totally lucked out. I love that desk it is so pretty and unique. Way to go insisting to keep these 🙂

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  5. I’ve heard about people left with previous owner’s junk when they moved in, but you hit the jackpot. These items are perfect cottage pieces. I dream of one day owning a cottage.