A whole new Flor

No, it’s not a spelling mistake in my title, I’m talking about Flor tiles.  What are Flor tiles? They are remarkable carpet tiles that are cleanable, removable, durable and eco-friendly, as they are recyclable when they come to the end of their lifespan.

I’ve been wanting to try them out for quite a while now and after hearing how much Maureen loved them, I was anxious to try them out.

I have been wanting go change up my entryway carpet for a very long time, but hadn’t found anything that I was in love with.  So, now I’m thinking this is the perfect fit.  I made sure and chose a pattern and colour that would hide the dirt that gets traipsed in.  And since, I have quite a bit of blue to my home, a cheerful dark blue was just the thing.


Remembrance in Tidal

Described by them as “Our take on distressed Turkish rug patterning in saturated hues and bold neutrals for an heirloom-worthy design. This style features a random pattern designed to vary from square to square, so patterns will not always align.”


I am absolutely in love with the over dyed look of them and it certainly brightens up my entrance and ties in the navy sofa I have in my adjoining living room and the soft blue chairs I have in my family room. 


And another thing I love about Flor tiles, is that when I’m having a large crowd over I can just add the two extra tiles I purchased, to make a little more space, to take off and put on boots.




They have so many styles and types of carpet tiles that I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.



  1. I love it! I also adore the blue you chose, it makes a statement! And it looks vintage!! Great!

  2. Nice! Your blues are great together. You and Maureen are making me feel the need for Flor!

    • I think there is a need for Flor in all homes 🙂 They have such a great range of styles and colours, you’re sure to find something you love.

  3. I want some too! That blue is so rich and beautiful.

  4. Love them Lisa – and you know, now I’m thinking this is the perfect solution for my entrance as well. I’m always looking for something that fits the space and is easy to clean. This may just be the answer! BTW – I’d like to know how you get the panes in your french doors so clean? I’ve been struggling for years to get a streak-free lint-free pane on my THREE french doors – nothing seems to work!

    • They would be perfect Donna! As for the glass, thanks I really didn’t realize they looked that clean. I just use windex and paper towels, no secret recipe. I wonder if it was just the angle of the photo that made them look so clean LOL.

  5. Love the blue carpet tiles in your hall Lisa. Another thing about the tiles is they can be cut to fit any size or awkward angles.

  6. I love FLOR tiles and the one you have chosen is striking – love the colour. I used them in my daughter’s bedroom and blogged about them here. http://decorhappy.blogspot.ca/2013/09/flor-in-house.html

    • I remember your daughter’s room Vanessa, they look great in there too. I’m sure they would look great anywhere as there are so many patterns and colours.