Adirondack styling

Sorry for the lack of posts here, it’s been a busy time.  I’m posting over at the TBB blog today all about Adirondack styling from my recent trip to Lake Placid, New York.  Click on the photo below to read it.

DSC_0158 This is my favourite picture from the weekend we had.  Such a beautiful area.

No updates on the table I was working on at the cottage as I got totally sidetracked by the painting of our exterior trim. I chose a golden yellow but wasn’t too thrilled with it on the front doors.  It looks great on the window trim but for some reason we hated it on the front doors, I think it was just too much solid yellow.  So, back to the colour deck and I chose a dark green for the doors, which should be finished up this week.  Can’t wait to see it!

So hopefully more updates next week on the exterior and more on the table as well.  Have a great week and weekend!