After 4 1/2 years…it is DONE!

Well, after 4 and 1/2 years our backyard is finally complete.
YEAH! No more grass, and my hubby is breathing a huge sigh of relief that I won’t be bugging him about finishing it anymore. 😉

So I’ll bring you back, to when we first purchased our new suburban home.   It was a typical blank slate of a backyard.

The first phase was the in ground pool.  The above was the first day of breaking ground for the pool.  It was early April but we had a crazy snowfall that year and our pool company didn’t want to delay the start of the pool so they actually trucked the snow out of our backyard so they could start the digging.

Next up, the interlocking brick for around the pool and the flower gardens.

Then we added the hot tub.

Next up, the cute garden shed, the outdoor fire pit and the waterfall, along with some landscaping.

Then this past spring, we added the second interlocking patio and flower garden.   This is our dining area and where I hang out, in the shade (ah the joys of being a redhead…).
And, finally the last phase, THE DECK.

We chose composite decking, with the crazy curves that I designed, it would be nearly impossible to create with cedar. The composite wood curves much easier and we love the idea of low maintenance.  The cedar screens, however will need to be stained or left to go gray, as we did with our fencing.

As you can see, we also added a small screened area for the BBQ, another screen to give some privacy to the hot tub area and yet another small screen beside the house to hide the pool equipment, from whoever is in the hot tub (you can see this last screen in the last photo below).

We will be enjoying it this fall and I’m hoping to add a nice little lounging set next spring..when our wallets have recovered, at least a little. ;-(


  1. It all looks fantastic, Lisa 🙂 I love the different “zones” – especially the pool zone! Hope we have some nice fall days so you can get out there and enjoy your new deck 🙂

    BTW, I’d just let the screens grey naturally. Much easier for future maintenance!

  2. WOW LISA!!! That is one amazing backyard! I’m so jealous! Showed this post to my hubby, and he was like “she must me rich”.. lol!!

    xoxx Linda

  3. Congrats on the finished deck, Lisa 🙂 I know you were talking about finishing this project for a while, and I think it was well worth the wait.

    Enjoy your new outdoor space!
    *Tania @

  4. A fantastic yard, Lisa! Places to play, relax, entertain, relax some more and then play!! The deck area will look great with some lounge furniture… an outdoor living room 🙂

  5. Enjoy your beautiful new outdoor living space, Lisa, with your family! It’s so thoughtfully designed. Love how you incorporated fire and water elements – and the sight of a waterfall, along with the sound play, no doubt soothes the soul! Relax … and enjoy! Congrats!