And we have a Refinished Table!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a restful and fun filled holiday! Mine was great, very relaxing, spent a lot of time with family and definitely ate and drank too much. But then, that’s what the holidays are all about.

We spent some time at the cottage and I managed to finish my table makeover, finally.  It was more of a job than I thought, but isn’t that usually the way.  I had to make a compromise or two on the way but I still am very happy with the way it turned out.  It’ll be perfect for our card playing evenings come summer time.

So to refresh your memory this is how the table was looking. It was in pretty rough shape.  To read my original post, click here.


I sanded slightly and painted the base in chalk paint (made by myself – click here for the recipe) in this bright green. I wanted to bring some lightness and freshness to the sunroom.


 Sherwin-Williams – Dancing Green 6716

Next up, I sanded the top which was much more arduous than I originally thought. The original finish kept gumming up the belt sander and then we tried the palm sander, which unfortunately due to our over zealous sanding caused many ripples in the surface and horror of horrors, went down to the plywood base…so much for it being a solid wood top.   Luckily, most of our boo boos were in the leaves of the table which I usually do not leave in place, as I prefer the smaller footprint in this room.

So after finally getting the top sanded, it looked like this.


I had originally intended to sand the apron by hand and stain it the same as the table top, but after trying to do just a small area, I was totally discouraged and decided on the simpler and faster route of painting the apron the same as the base.  I know a bit lazy, but I really don’t have that much patience.

So I painted the apron and then stained and varnished the top (with a satin polyurethane) and here’s the finished result.

refinished table



I love how by painting the base and apron the details show up so much more than just staining the wood.  Sorry to all the wood lovers but there is definitely enough wood in this home!



  1. I love the green! It’s so fresh and bright!

    • Thanks Jo-Anna. My son thought I was nuts when he saw the colour LOL! But with all the dark wood you need to go fresh or it all just looks murky.

  2. Bummer about the plywood — but really, you love the table anyway, so it’s all good! I really love the final product. And the painted apron makes the green pop even more. A happy accident. Love that you admit you are lazy when it comes to sanding; a woman after my own heart!! Great work & Happy New Year! (Are the chairs Ikea?)

    • Thanks Meredith, I’m definitely not the most patient type, especially when I can already see the finished product in my mind’s eye. The chairs are actually second hand but originally were from Pier 1.

  3. Hello Lisa, wow love the transformation! xx

  4. What a fun and unexpected colour! Bravo Lisa!!

  5. I like the apron painted, looks really cute! The green is unexpected but totally warm; I would love to pull up a chair for brunch.

  6. Such a great table to start and the new look makes it even better. Awesome job.

  7. I love your colour choice – so bold and unexpected! Bravo!

  8. Wow!! I love how you kept the top natural but brightened up the rest with the green. Very cool!

  9. That “dancing green” is such a pretty colour and it looks beautiful on the table – goes great with the blue cushions too!!

    • I’m just a big sucker for anything blue and green. One of my favourite colour combos……never mind the saying “blue and green should never be seen”. Who said that anyways?

  10. Very nice! That green is one of my favorite colors and the chairs with the pillows are a great touch.

  11. Great choice to paint out the legs – it looks beautiful in that space!

  12. I actually like the apron painted better than if it was left stained! Gorgeous color and your room looks so beautiful! I’m sure it was a lot of work! I have my kitchen pedestle table and 6 chairs to refinish – I think I’m going with Chalk paint to avoid all the prep and time lol!! love that shade of green!

    • Thanks Heather. I do too, it’s funny how Plan B often just works out for the best. It was a lot more work than I realized but so happy it’s done and the chalk paint is great for less prep work, that definitely made it easier.