Bed Linens

All sheets are not created equal.  There are so many choices for today’s consumer that it can be very confusing.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind when choosing your bed linens.

1.  There are two basic categories: natural and synthetic.  Natural fabrics are animal or plant based such as silk, feathers, down, cotton, bamboo, wool and hemp.  Nylon and polyester are artificial fibres.

2.  The least expensive option in bedding is cotton, with Egyptian cotton being the leading type (due to it’s long strands of cotton).   Bamboo is less durable but it is similar in feel to silk.  It is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and resists odors and wicks moisture away.   Linen sheets will become very soft over time.  Tencel is made from wood pulp and can be a renewable product.

3.  For duvets the most popular variety are down and silk.  Down is great for winter as it is light but very warm.  For the warmer months silk is a great option as it is breathable and will wick moisture away.

4.  If you have allergies a feather duvet should be avoided as they are not hypo-allergic.  You may want to consider a down or wool duvet.

5.  Pillows should be bought according to your style of sleeping such as side, back or stomach.  They can be filled with foam, wool, feathers or down or a combination of these.  They should be changed every five years as the material will break down over time.