BlogtourNYC Day 1…..

DSC_0170 So everyone has been asking how the Modenus’ BlogtourNYCwas and I have to say it was so amazing, inspirational and motivating.  I am not too sure where to start, so when in doubt, as my english teacher used to say, start at the beginning.

After arriving in the late afternoon, quickly dropping off my luggage at the hotel, we did a brisk walk to a nearby Isabella’s and then set about chatting up a storm, getting to know everyone.

image3Photo courtesy of Isabella’s.

Here’s the menu for my foodie friends.


I, of course, took a pic of this gorgeous dessert, which I promptly devoured.

It was an early evening as many bloggers were from across the pond, so there was a tad bit of jet lag setting in (can you hear my British accent here?)

So, the actual first day started the next morning.  We were up and at them to visit the Poggenpohl Showroom on Park Avenue to feast on a breakfast buffet sponsored by Poggenpohl, Blanco and Cosentino (Silesto

Poggenpohlbrunch All above photos courtesy of Poggenpohl/Blanco/Silestone (Cosentino)
brunch                              Photos Lisa Goulet Design & courtesy of Poggenpohl/Blanco/Silestone 

It was then a quick walk to the next stop, Michael Aram’s Showroom .  Pure beauty and craftsmanship here and Michael was kind enough to talk to us about how he found his passion and he even showed us some of his new items that he is working on.

V, MIchael Aram & me
Myself, Veronika Miller and Michael Aram – Photo credit – Courtney Mullins Price 

Then it was off again, this time in a luxurious coach with leather bucket seats, supplied to us by Corcoran Real Estate and Miele.  Guess where we were going?  Luxurious real estate for sale in the big apple! Places that we could only dream about getting an inside view of.


And yes, that is a bubble chair on the left!  Carrier and Company are the designers of the above loft. Take a peek at what you could be waking up to, if you lived there!


After much oohing and ahhing and a little bit of drooling, we were off to the next stop which was the Miele Showroom.  And if you are like me and always trying to remember how to pronounce Miele, I picked up a great tip, it rhymes with Tequila.  Now, you’ll never mispronounce it again 🙂

We were spoiled with an absolutely decadent dinner in the absolutely beautiful Miele showroom.


Me, Irene & Heather at Miele                                                           Photo credit – Courtney Mullins Price

All the delicious food was courtesy of Chef Joey Campanaro of Little Owl, to see more photos of the event and the food,  like Miele on FB and you can check out their gallery, photographed by the talented Courtney Mullins Price.

And so that was the end of Day 1…tired yet?

All photos not credited are my own.



  1. Are you kidding me??? A house tour with Corcoran??? I can’t stand it. Flabbergasted. GREEN. I’m green with envy! Not to even mention the rest…where do I sign up for next year??

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

    • Lisa Goulet says

      It was amazing, every moment Katherine. If you ever get the chance to do one of Modenus’ Blogtours I would highly recommend. My head and heart are both so full right now, so lucky.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    What a fabulous round up of day 1! Oh my goodness it seems weeks ago an was actually only las week! So much has happened, I guess that is what happens on a Blog Tour. So wonderful to meet you, looking forward to reliving day 2 now…!

    Louisa x

  3. What a great way to remember day 1 Lisa, love the pics and to think I’m there too!!!! See you here on our left coast soon. Take care, and thanks for the memories

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