BlogtourNYC Day 3……

Day 3 was a bit chilly but clear and thankfully no rain had appeared to dampen our blogger spirits.

First things first, we hailed a NY cab.


                      Photo credit – Ricarda Nieswandt

And we were off to visit Vicente Wolf Home.


Vicente’s showroom had something for every taste or collection. It was like the best treasure hunt a design blogger could hope for.

BlogTour Day 3-001 

But I have to say even more thrilling than seeing all the treasures that Vicente has collected in his extensive travels, was listening to him speak.  He is a humble and gracious man, who was a true pleasure to meet and his talk will forever stay with me.  And when we talked to his colleague, Trudi, her love and admiration came through for this man she has worked with for her entire adult life.  She affectionally calls him “Indiana Wolf” for his sense of adventure when he travels and how he willingly sleeps on the ground or floor to ensure that he gets the real spirit of a place.  Thank you once again, Vicente and thank you, Trudi for the wonderful homemade Irish soda bread and muffins, they were delicious!


Courtney even got this picture of me listening intently to Vicente.  Thanks Courtney.


Photo credit – Courtney Mullins Price


Here he is with the Veronika of Modenus, who makes these Blogtour possible.

Next up, we were off again to visit the offices of Bespoke Global.


Pippa and Gwen gave us a warm welcome and served us a delicious cocktail called Regents Punch, which was favoured by the Prince of Wales, Augustus Frederick, son of George III, I’ll have you know 😉

Bespoke Global bridges the gap between a client looking for a commissioned piece of art or furniture and the artisan who creates such pieces.  Artisans are discovered and commissioned from all over the globe to bring their unique pieces of art into the homes of those who can appreciate such beauty.

Once again, we were off to see the dynamic and colourful offices of  They even had an original George Nelson Marshmallow sofa (click to read my post all about it)  in the entrance.  How cool is that? And it just kept coming…


They also fed us a delicious lunch and did I tell you, they have their own ice cream machine.  I might never go home!


I personally thought their politically incorrect posters were a riot.



And Tim (the other part of Modenus, who tries valiantly to keep us bloggers in line) was more than willing to pose as the tweeter in this photo.


I got some great shots of their space.

IMG_2537 IMG_2532

And someone took this great shot of myself Munter (let me know who did and I promise to credit you). IMG_2509

Then once again we grabbed some cabs and were off to see Mr. Steam at the Central Kitchen and Bath Showroom.


Irene and I had peeked into ABC Carpet and Home a couple of days before when we had a quick moment and of course, I was desperate to get back there and take some more in.   So after Mr. Steam we were on our own for the evening.  Irene, Ricarda, Desiree and myself made a beeline for the subway to more fully check out ABC Carpet.

All of this was just on the first floor…



IMG_2561 IMG_2567


IMG_2128 IMG_2568

How gorgeous are these floors?


Now we are heading to the second floor.


IMG_2581 IMG_2591 IMG_2586 IMG_2589 IMG_2578 IMG_2584

IMG_2600 And we didn’t even have time to get to the other 5 floors :/

One of Irene’s clients suggested that we have dinner at Buddakan and boy, I was so glad Irene had mentioned it to us.  What a fabulous restaurant and the food was delicious too!


These are lit library books on the bookshelves in the room where we ate.

                       This photo is courtesy of Buddakhan

And with that, we are done Day 3.  Phew….

All photos not credited are my own, please credit me, if using.