Guest room mood board, living room designs and some reno updates

I hope you’ve been enjoying some of the spectacular weather that has been happening.  Makes it really hard to spend the day at the computer, but I may just be bringing it out on the deck.  It has sure been a busy few weeks here.  I’ve just finished a guest room mood board for a client.  Keeping in mind that we wanted to stay on a tight budget for this basement guest room, with a light and fresh beachy feel, here is the mood board.

Laidlaw Guest Room-001

The background colour is the room’s current colour – Benjamin Moore’s – Collingwood OC-28.  And I’ve suggested painting the existing unmatching wood side tables in New Hope Gray 2130-50.  A sheer pretty roll up blind for the tiny  window is perfect to let the light in. A soft upholstered headboard in a linen fabric keeps the bed looking fresh and clean and works well with the existing soft blue/gray tone on tone paisley bedding.  A mirror in a fun shape and a simple bright white dresser are perfect for storage needs and a graphic striped runner completes the beachy feel.

I’m also working on a client’s family room that is very long and narrow.  With dimensions of  23′ x 9′,  it’s a tricky one.  I’m loving the suggestions found on Pinterest, check out my Long Narrow Rooms board to see some of the inspiration photos I’ve collected.

Also on my desk, is the finishing touches to a client’s living and dining room that is all things minimal and modern, oh yes…and with lots of Indian touches and style.  Having lots of brilliantly coloured artwork to play with makes me a happy designer 🙂

And we also been having some fun with the cottage renovations, the sunroom roof was replaced and some skylights removed at the same time.  Lots of mess, but heaven knowing we will not have any more water pouring into it, when it rains heavily.  And we will be replacing some tile flooring in there as well, stay tuned for a tile repair that will look like an entrance rug…fingers crossed….

Hubby is also in the process of making a fire table for the cottage deck.  Lots of stone and concrete bought for it and here’s hoping he has some time in the near future to actually get it finished.  I’m looking forward to leisurely sitting around the fire with a glass of wine while enjoying the river view.  Here’s our inspiration –


Via website

And in anticipation of having a beautiful fire table to sit at, I’ve ordered some outdoor fabrics to make some cosy pillows for our rather hard wood chairs.


Well, you’re all caught up now, on what I’ve been up too.  How’s your summer going so far?


How to spring clean your home without trying too hard

So, if you are like me and spring fever has hit hard and fast, and you really aren’t Molly Maid, here’s some tips for spring cleaning your home without really trying too hard.

I try to do one room at a time, that way you’ve felt like you’ve made some headway instead of being overwhelmed by the entire house.  Today, let’s focus on the bedroom.


1. Start by removing all the bedding, yes, all of it! Start washing….and open the windows (if it isn’t snowing and blizzardly, as it is here in Ontario today).   Nothing like a breath of fresh cool air to make your home feel shiny and clean.

2. Take one of the long handled swifter type things and dust off your fan blades.  That way, there will be no more dust swirling around every time you turn on your fan.   No fan?  Then dust off the light fixture, you’ll be amazed at how much more light it will give off.  Remember to vacuum the lampshades as well, with the upholstery attachment, of course :-).


3. Move all table top/dresser top/accessories to one area.  Dust off the empty table tops and sort through the accessories. Only put back the ones you love and put the rest in a box to either use in another part of the house, store for another season, or giveaway.

4. I like to tackle one junk drawer, cupboard, closet at a time.  Set aside about 1/2 an hour for each, maybe 1 hour for the closet.  Have a garbage ban or box for giveaways, a small box for things that belong elsewhere and a garbage bin or bag for garbage (which trust me, will be the fullest thing) at the ready.  It’s amazing the junk  stuff you keep.  Be ruthless.  By the by, this also goes of your clothes closet.  Though you may want to set aside a half day or a whole day for this, depending on your level of shopping addiction. Honestly, if you haven’t worn it the past season, why are you keeping it?  You’ll love being able to find the items you actually love, fit you, and that you want to wear, easily and quickly.

5. While vacuuming, move the bed, dresser and sofa, or at least pass the vacuum under it.  That way those sneaky, pesky dust bunnies won’t be coming out at the most inopportune time.

6. Remake the bed and stand back and be amazed!




Bedroom Makeover

Before ...

Before …

After ...

After …








This master bedroom was bright but dull.  It was brought to life with wallpaper, paint, lighting, drapes, linens and accessories.


Guest room completed!

It’s finished, it’s finished, it’s finished!! 
Now, that the nice weather is nice, it’s been hard to spend time doing my indoor decorating projects.  So, I was a little delayed but it’s all done now.

To refresh your memory, here’s what it looked like in March….

First up, I painted and stencilled the room.  (Click here to read the blog post on the painting.)

Then hubby and I designed and made an upholstered headboard.

I also made a tailored bed skirt with the same fabric, and a bunch of pillows.  

And….drum roll please……here’s the final result.

It’s even “Pixie approved”!  The blinds were already in the room and the lace sheers and curtain rod are from Ikea.  I also had the wicker chair but did pick up a new green cushion from Home Sense.

I bought this little lamp from Ikea and then I covered the white shade with blue and green ribbon purchased at Michaels.  It looks good from a distance……but I definitely need more practice on this technique. 
Here’s a close up of the pillows that I made.  The paisley fabric was used for the large shams, the stripe for the medium pillow and the small pillow was made with a remnant that I already had.
So for my budget minded readers, here’s the low down – 
1.  Paint $40 (due to my decorators’ discount and having a BOGO coupon)
2.  Stencil $50
3.  Pendant lamp $26 (on clearance at Home Sense)
4.  Mattress – we had already
5.  Duvet, duvet cover, linens, pillow forms – I had already
6.  Throw – $30 (Home Sense)
7.  Upholstered Headboard total $160 (see post for details)
8.  Striped fabric from Kravet $30
9.  Paisley fabric from Maxwell $30
10. Drapery fabric $39.99 x 4 (Ikea)
11.  Wicker chair – already had
12.  Cushion for chair $39.99 (Home Sense)
13.  Night table and accessories – already had – painted with spray paint – already had
14. Antique dresser and accessories – already had
15. Frames from Michaels and Ikea $40 with my own travel photos- $10 for printing
16. Beskada curtain rod from Ikea $12.99
17. Ribbon for lampshade from Michaels $5.00
$633.95 TOTAL!!!
And I have to put a close up of Pixie for my own “Pets on the Furniture” picture in here as she wouldn’t leave so I could take the pictures.

I’m linking this post up to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch and also to Amaze me Monday at Dittle Dattle.  So please be sure to click on the links below to check out the other amazing makeovers.


Guest room continued…upholstered headboard

My upholstered headboard is done, with my hubby’s help.  YEAH!!  This one was my inspiration.
                                          Collette Bed – Crate & Barrel
I haven’t had a chance to buy upholstery tacks to finish it off yet.  But now that it’s done, I’m not sure if I will do the upholstery tacks.  Decisions, decisions…..
I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any photos while we were doing it but if you want more detailed instructions, Dabble (Kimberley Seldon’s new online magazine) this month also had  an article showing how to make an upholstered headboard.  (Click on the dabble link above and go to page 54).
Our finished headboard was for a queen size bed so I choose to make it 64″w x 30″h x 2″d (I did hang it a couple of inches below the top of the mattress).  I didn’t want it to be too high as the bedroom is not large and I didn’t want it to overpower the room.
Here’s what I used:
1.  Plywood 4 x 8 sheet, cut to size – I had Home Depot cut it for me into a 64″ x 30″ piece before I even left the store.  Then my hubby and I made a gentle curve on a sheet of paper half the size of the headboard itself and then drew it on one side of the plywood and then reversed the pattern so that it was the same on the other side.  The plywood was only about $6.  I used the 1/4″thick plywood (I didn’t want it to be too heavy) but you may want to use the  thicker one at 1/2″
2.  Foam –  2″ thick at least.  This was the most expensive piece, mine was around $95 but I do have some leftovers.
3.  Batting – This is regular craft batting but in a size large enough to cover the entire headboard.  It was about $20.
4.  Fabric – This was my big steal on this project.  I purchased it from Robert Allen online, in their clearance section.  It was $55/yd originally and I scooped it up for just over $13/yd.  It took only 2 yds because I railroaded the fabric.  Railroading a fabric means that I was able to turn the bolt on end and roll out the fabric from left to right, the pattern was continuous across the roll.  It depends on your pattern and the pattern’s repeat if you can do this successfully.
5.  Staple gun and staples.  I have an electric stapler which is very handy for this type of job but a regular staple gun will work just as well.
6.  Spray glue to hold foam in place on plywood while you work.   I already had some from a previous project.
7.  2 pairs of cleats to attach the headboard to the wall (approx $10).  Find the wall studs first within the space where you want the headboard to be installed and then make sure they are level and attach the first piece to the wall.  Then you match these up with the second piece to be placed on the headboard itself.  Worked like a charm.  
So the total for my headboard was about $160.  Not too bad for a custom headboard!
I kind of like the simplicity of it without the nail heads.   Next up, I’ll be making a tailored bedskirt with some of the same Robert Allen fabric to mimic the look of the inspiration shot.