Wayfair feature on contemporary kitchen valances

Welcome back from a beautiful sunny and warm Family Day, for those of you in Ontario, at least.  We had a busy weekend celebrating our childrens’ 25th birthday with lots of family to help us. Then we headed off to a Senator’s hockey game, sadly they lost but like true fans, we still enjoyed the game.

I just have a quick post today about kitchen valances. I was asked by Wayfair a few weeks ago to give their consumers a bit of advice on how to choose kitchen valances for a contemporary kitchen.  The link is live today, so if you’re in the market for some kitchen valances to soften your kitchen, you can read about all the different styles and how to choose the best one for your home.

Click on their logo below to be directed to the article.


And here’s an adorable little video showing the different styles of valances.




Odds and Sods from Woodhaven – And a Video

Here’s a little photo update from Woodhaven and some of what we’ve done these last few months.

I posted way back last summer about these vintage pieces of luggage that I hoped to find a home at our new cottage.

So they ended up in one of the bedrooms.

They make kind of a cute little night table, I think.  I have another large vintage trunk that a neighbour has generously donated to my cottage.  Hmmm….I wonder where it’ll find a home?

Here’s what we did in the master bedroom and ensuite.   I ,  I mean, we stripped off the wallpaper in the bathroom (which took an entire weekend, I have to say).. and I got to painting it, the next weekend ;-/

Here’s the before……

And the after……

And we also put up a new light fixture over the mirror.

Next up, I’d like to change out the sink faucets to black ones and we have to do some shower floor tile repairs.  We holding out to do this during the winter, when there isn’t so much outside to take care of ;-/

On to the master bedroom, it went from pink to Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.

The befores…

….the window seat and the drapery treatments.

And this is how it looks now, with a new coat of paint and a new window seat, pillows and drapery treatments and a cat 😉

My daughter’s bedroom looked like this before the move…

and now it looks like this….

with new blinds, decorative grill, carpeting, bedding and accessories.  She likes the pink so I think it’s staying.

Stay tuned, next week I’ll post some more updates.

And for those of you who wanted to see my tv debut. I finally got the clip which is below.  Please be kind….. 😉


Faux roman shades and a little frustration

In my quest to update Woodhaven’s kitchen, I removed the old valances and the wood shutters that were being used as a window treatment.   You can see the shutters and the valances here and the little white knobs that I’ve also changed (you can see them in this post).

Since then I’ve been having a bit of fun with some simple faux roman blinds.  This post is kind of a warning about what not to do…..

I purchased the fabric on a fantastic sale at Kravet awhile back. It’s a beautiful linen from France…ohh la la!  I liked that the yellowish gold picked up on the orange of the pine logs and the blue and green picked up on the colours I’m going with on the main floor.
So far so good.  Here’s some photos showing the process.  Now I can sew, but I am in no means a seamstress.  I generally take the easy way out and being very impatient as well, the results are not always pretty.
First up, I also had some help….
Basically, I measured the window width and determined the length I wanted the shade to be.  I lined the fabric to protect it from the sun and to make it a little more opaque.  Then I sewed three sides together, right sides together.
 Make sure you use your iron, it makes the seams so much nicer and crisper.  After you turn it right side out, iron all the seams so that they are nice and straight.
I left the top seam open and ironed the raw edges into a 2″ hem.  I then sewed the soft side of some velcro onto the back of the fabric.
Opps, forgot to mention, that I had a piece of 2″ thick wood cut to the size of each window width and the loop part of the velcro was then stapled onto it.  This is what the shade will be velcroed to, once it’s finished.
 Now, I measured how far down I wanted the final length of the shade to be and marked it with a pin.  I then accordion folded the fabric,  from the bottom up to the final length mark.
Next, I tacked it down with needle and thread.  My second helper now wants his photo op.
After getting them installed, this is how they looked. Keep in mind that there are four windows and only the two over the sink are the same size….frustrating to say the least.
 I liked how the small window looked but not so much the largest window beside it.  Excuse the photos I certainly didn’t stage this photo very well.
These are the two over the sink, obviously (and can you tell it was Christmas time!).  They were okay but….. I did a little more figuring and decided to stitch the middle up and this is how they look now.  They match the smaller window much better.

Recently, I saw a post from Marcus Design with photos from House and Home that show a similar faux roman shade with ribbons pulling up the shade on each side.  Now, this is another possibility… stay tuned….

via House and Home
And on another note entirely.  If any of you are upset with me because I unsubscribed from your blog feed, please don’t be.  I’m using this great new app called FlipBoard for the iPad and iPhone that allows you to read blogs easily and it helps to keep my inbox a little more manageable.  You should check it out yourself.  Thanks to Donna of dh Designs for the tip.