Mixing up fabric textures in a room

Last spring, I started redoing my family room, I shared my new sofa and coffee table in a previous post, shown below.



I have always loved tufting and classic chairs so I went with this very traditional style.  Very different styling from my sofa and exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted large and comfortable for tv watching.

photo 1

But  since I was lusting over velvet,  I went with a hard wearing velvet that is cosy and practical.

This photo below shows the sofa fabric on the right, the floral fabric I had chosen for the throw pillows, and  the blue velvet sample.  As you can see I didn’t match the blue exactly in the throw pillows, it just references the blue.  Notice how different the fabric textures are? A woven for the sofa, a linen for the pillows and a velvet for the chairs, this makes the pieces much more interesting together.




Did you notice the nail heads accenting the legs? Details, really make a piece sing.


So would you do velvet or do you think it is too traditional?

And on another note, I did get back to my table this weekend. Hubby and I worked on the sanding down the table top which was much more time consuming than we thought.  Here’s how it looks now.


Obviously we have a little more work to do…..dreading having to sand the intricate apron, as that will have to be done by hand…sigh.


But I did get finish putting the dark wax on the base.  I’ll follow it up with a coat of clear wax when I’ve finished sanding the top.  I think you can see the depth the dark wax gives the finish (please ignore the sanding residue on the stretcher, I guess I didn’t clean that off too well).   Signature-00133

Sofa Love

Happiness is a new sofa with soft down filled cushions.

And I was happy to add a new coffee table as my cats had taken to using my ottoman as their scratching post :/

I’m now waiting for two chairs to arrive that were ordered recently, here’s a sneak peek at the style and the fabric.

Ah, tufting you complete me!


Like Magic, New Chairs

Another chapter in my quest to reuse and update older furniture for our cottage.  This is how these two tub chairs look now.

These lovely little tub chairs, swivel and rock and fit our space perfectly, because they can be turned to face the fireplace or to face the tv.  Therefore, the decision was made to first off, raise them a couple of inches as they were very low, and secondly, to give them a fun, fresh makeover.  The upholstery had definitely seen better days.

And how they started out.

Since I had gone with white plain slipcovers for the sofa and love seat, I wanted to do these with a large graphic pattern.
I found this beautiful navy and white print….if you read my blog regularly you must realize by now..that I love blue and white…  And as a bonus, it is exterior fabric which means it won’t fade from the sun, won’t stain easily and will hold up to a busy cottage.  Perfect!

I decided to contrast this fabric with a solid and durable navy fabric.

My upholsterer did such a fabulous job. The navy piping is the perfect finishing touch and having them a little higher is perfect for my family.

Chintz gets a make under

In my quest to try and save some money and reuse and recycle, I’ve been slipcovering and reupholstering some old furniture to use at our cottage.

First up, were these well made, down filled sofa and love seat.  I just wasn’t feeling the chintz floral and my goal was for a calm, simple, serene, easy living cottage, so they definitely had to go.

After my master slip coverer got to work on them…they now look like this.  We cleaned up the silhouette a little and made the skirt a little more streamlined to go with the new look.

Ahh….so much better……


Designing custom furniture

I was very excited to visit one of my client’s homes this week, as she received her custom designed television console and I had yet to see it.  This is the same client who had custom designed bookcases made for her space, that I shared with you earlier.

And here it is!  (Excuse the photos it’s hard to take a great photo with the bright windows in the background).

We started out with this television cabinet that she had and wanted to replace (you can see it to the right of the window). We discussed putting the television over the fireplace but neither her or I liked that option, so this is the route we took.

In fact this is how the room looked before we got started.

It was the typical television cabinet, made with unknown materials and rather flimsy.  So, since we had specific requirements for it, we opted for the custom route. They were:

1. had to be on castors so she could wheel it out of the way when entertaining;
2. had to fit in the space by the window (there is a wall jut out there);
3. open storage for baskets on the bottom shelf; and
4. be solid and pretty.

We had recently purchased a buffet that she loved, so I decided to use that as a jumping off point for the television cabinet.  It is directly across the room from the buffet so I thought some symmetry was in order.

I did up a sketch for our talented carpenter (who also did the built ins).

He took my sketch and made this beautiful little cabinet, which was stained to match the buffet.

And here’s how it looks in the room now.

Next up, the artwork and the finishing elements for the fireplace and the shelves.