A subtle paint reveal

Well, if you follow me on my Business Facebook page you know that I did get my family room painted before the weekend birthday celebrations.

Well, this isn’t a huge stunning reveal as the difference is quite subtle, but I was just wanted to eliminate the yellow tone of the walls for a neutral that had more grey in it.  As you will see from the photos below I have red toned hardwood floors and cabinetry so I have to keep some warmth in the paint colour.

New Colour – Grant Beige


To refresh your memory this was the original paint colour – Danville Tan HC -91 from Benjamin Moore.


Old Colour – Danville Tan


And I thought I was going to use Revere Pewter HC-172, also Benjamin Moore, but once I had it up on the walls it was far too blue.


 There is a reason why I tell my clients to test a colour on a couple of walls and to live with it for a day or two.  You can check it in daylight, at night and on a sunny and cloudy day and see how it transforms.  Revere pewter looked great on the window walls but really blue on the walls opposite the windows.  A very good reminder not to skip this step.

So back to the paint deck and the winner was – Grant Beige HC-83  As you can see not that different from Revere Pewter but a touch warmer and that made all the difference in my room. I’d say it’s really a linen shade.






It really  just freshened it up the room (not too sure why the paint colour is reading aqua above the sofa, must be my camera doing something with the light as it doesn’t appear like that in real life at all).

So where are you doing your spring painting?


Spring fever and painting

It happens to me every spring, I have this insatiable desire to redo every room in my home.  It usually starts in the main rooms and then quickly moves into each and every room.

Really, if I didn’t have any self control I would already have the paint cans out and would be in the midst of painting right now. But, I have controlled myself somewhat and decided to start with the family room.  Last winter, I purchased a new neutral sofa for the family room along with a new coffee table. Then later in the year, my blue velvet tufted chairs came in.  And as soon, as they did, I knew I should repaint….but life gets in the way.

DSC_0208 DSC_0084

Benjamin Moore’s Danville Tan (HC-91) was just not cutting it anymore.   Just too yellow and brown. I’m so over you….


I actually chose the colour last spring but now I’m going to be heading to the paint store this week to actually pick up a gallon or two. The winner is  –


Revere Pewter (HC-172)!

It has the right amount of gray in it, with a warm touch of brown to make it work with my existing colours in the house, otherwise I really would have to repaint the entire house.   Can’t wait to see how it looks, after 7 years, it’s definitely time for a change.

So wish me luck I’m actually hoping to have it done in time for my youngest childrens’ birthday celebration on the weekend. I had better get cracking….cause once it’s done I have my sights set on my master bedroom.



Mixing up fabric textures in a room

Last spring, I started redoing my family room, I shared my new sofa and coffee table in a previous post, shown below.



I have always loved tufting and classic chairs so I went with this very traditional style.  Very different styling from my sofa and exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted large and comfortable for tv watching.

photo 1

But  since I was lusting over velvet,  I went with a hard wearing velvet that is cosy and practical.

This photo below shows the sofa fabric on the right, the floral fabric I had chosen for the throw pillows, and  the blue velvet sample.  As you can see I didn’t match the blue exactly in the throw pillows, it just references the blue.  Notice how different the fabric textures are? A woven for the sofa, a linen for the pillows and a velvet for the chairs, this makes the pieces much more interesting together.




Did you notice the nail heads accenting the legs? Details, really make a piece sing.


So would you do velvet or do you think it is too traditional?

And on another note, I did get back to my table this weekend. Hubby and I worked on the sanding down the table top which was much more time consuming than we thought.  Here’s how it looks now.


Obviously we have a little more work to do…..dreading having to sand the intricate apron, as that will have to be done by hand…sigh.


But I did get finish putting the dark wax on the base.  I’ll follow it up with a coat of clear wax when I’ve finished sanding the top.  I think you can see the depth the dark wax gives the finish (please ignore the sanding residue on the stretcher, I guess I didn’t clean that off too well).   Signature-00133

Sofa Love

Happiness is a new sofa with soft down filled cushions.

And I was happy to add a new coffee table as my cats had taken to using my ottoman as their scratching post :/

I’m now waiting for two chairs to arrive that were ordered recently, here’s a sneak peek at the style and the fabric.

Ah, tufting you complete me!


Like Magic, New Chairs

Another chapter in my quest to reuse and update older furniture for our cottage.  This is how these two tub chairs look now.

These lovely little tub chairs, swivel and rock and fit our space perfectly, because they can be turned to face the fireplace or to face the tv.  Therefore, the decision was made to first off, raise them a couple of inches as they were very low, and secondly, to give them a fun, fresh makeover.  The upholstery had definitely seen better days.

And how they started out.

Since I had gone with white plain slipcovers for the sofa and love seat, I wanted to do these with a large graphic pattern.
I found this beautiful navy and white print….if you read my blog regularly you must realize by now..that I love blue and white…  And as a bonus, it is exterior fabric which means it won’t fade from the sun, won’t stain easily and will hold up to a busy cottage.  Perfect!

I decided to contrast this fabric with a solid and durable navy fabric.

My upholsterer did such a fabulous job. The navy piping is the perfect finishing touch and having them a little higher is perfect for my family.