Somethings new, somethings old…..

Okay I’ve finally done something with the vintage wallpaper samples from my cottage. Click here to read my previous post about the wallpaper sample book..

In June when hubby and I went to Vermont I coerced him into checking out some antique stores and a salvage yard.  I love to be inspired by the many different and unique items in those kind of stores – sort of like treasure hunting.  Anyways, I did find some treasures – three old skeleton keys and two antique iron trivets.

IMG_1430 One trivet has a “M” initial for “Mom” and the other has two hearts back to back.  I thought they were so cute even though hubby said “What are you going to do with those?”  And even though I said that I had no idea – he knows me well enough to know that I would eventually find some way to use them.

Well, my next stop was Ikea to pick up some of their Ribba shadow boxes.


I thought I would rummage through my fabric remnant pile or use some scrapbooking paper to back the keys and trivets.  But then I got to thinking about the vintage wallpaper samples I had and I decided to go through and see which one I could use as a background.  Well I decided on this one:


Subtle but with enough of a pattern that it shows up and it would really showcase the black iron of the keys and the trivets.

I did actually feel a twinge while I was cutting the page out of the book but I did it!! The paper is quite fragile so I made sure that the utility knife was good and sharp and I got it done without too much trouble.


Here they are in progress.  I glued the wallpaper to the back of the frame and then hot glued the trivets and keys in place on the wallpaper.  Hopefully the hot glue is strong enough to hold everything in place – I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough if it isn’t!!

I placed the matting on top and fit everything back into the frame and voila!


IMG_1440 IMG_1438 IMG_1439

I think they look great and I’ve put them on the small wall in my entrance way.



I know, I know I still haven’t gotten around to painting those closet doors or the powder room door black yet!  But it will happen, probably in the fall, when life gets back to normal.


IMG_1448 I think they are the perfect way to say “Welcome!”


Come right in!

Well here’s another one of my transformations.  I have a typical suburban entry way that was okay but needed some style.

Here’s the before:

So I had been debating and debating about painting the interior of the exterior door black. I love black doors, especially black french doors but I had been waffling around about this. Probably because all those mullions were scaring me off.

So finally one day I said enough take a chance and just do it – just like Nike says – though after Tiger Woods I don’t know if that’s a tag line they should keep! ;0
After all that’s what I tell my clients –

“It’s only paint!”
So here’s the afters:
If you look closely in this photo – at the right bottom corner of the door you can see Milo pouting because I locked him into the den as he kept jumping on the chair!!!

Okay I let him out!!
I’m loving these faux vintage keys from Pottery Barn – aren’t they the perfect thing to put at the front entry?

I am thrilled with in and how do I know it was the right thing?
No one noticed!!!
The hubby, the four children – only noticed once I said “DID YOU NOTICE THE ENTRANCE WAY?”  They all said it looked like it had been like that all along.   So there you go – all that hemming and hawing about painting and it was perfect after all!  And by the way there was no paint smell to give it away as I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint in Black Iron (it’s a dark gray black).
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