ICFF 2015 Inspiration

Well, I’m still recovering, after a whirlwind long weekend in NYC.  But, the TBBs and I certainly had a blast.

We spent Sunday at ICFF and here’s some highlights from that visit. Tons of inspiration to be found.  I especially noticed all the woven pieces of furniture this year.  70’s here we go again!

There was still tons of gorgeous wood around, on walls, floors and furniture.




Walking on Wood



Immersion Design

This amazingly creative design murphy style bunk bed/desk combo was so well thought and executed.  Just so you know, that desk area pulls down to reveal a double bed and the desk area also pulls out to reveal hidden storage and electrical outlets (which you can see a bit of on the left).  Just lovely!

Fabulously detailed sinks and tubs.







The insert on the farmhouse style sink above is inter changeable, brilliant!

And of course, there were tiles!



Country Floors

I’m seriously lusting after these hand painted beauties above, for my cottage backsplash……pitter…patter.



Some beautiful and interesting pieces of furniture.


Umbra Shift

These may be seen soon at a TBBs’ home near you!

FullSizeRender-44 FullSizeRender-53

Loop de Loop

These woven chairs were soooooo comfy!

And of course, how I couldn’t leave out the lighting.

FullSizeRender-48 FullSizeRender-47



Daniel Latorre Cruz


Ridgely Studio Works


Brendan Ravenhill


Loved these whimsical book lights below…for when books fly!


Ali Siavoski (alialiali.com)

There was tons more of course, but this gives you an idea of what was there.

Next up, the Kips Bay Show Home – 2015.

PS. I thought I had gotten all the sources, but it appears I’ve missed some. If you know them, I’ll be happy to correct the ones I’ve missed.


Adorne switches that I adore

Awhile ago, Adorne by Legrand approached me to see if I would like to try some of their wall switches, plates and outlets.  I replied with a BIG YES!

If you haven’t heard of Adorne before, I would encourage you to check out their website to see all the fabulous products that they have that can totally update your old switches and outlets.  They also offer under cabinet lighting and wireless home systems to control your lighting and even your music.  I specifically loved the Dream area where you can see all the possible ways to use their products to finish off your rooms. Once you’ve finished dreaming you can move on to the Plan section and then finally to the Select sections.

There are so, so, so, so many possibilities, it really took me awhile to figure out where I wanted to bring in this design loveliness.  The cottage entry way ended up being the big winner, as obviously it is the first room people see and it had two large banks of switches that were rather ugly (as evidenced below).



I decided on oil rubbed bronze wall plates with the switches done in a magnesium finish. They really complement the pine logs beautifully as well as the dark accents in the cottage. The multitude of types of switches is a little overwhelming but I quickly narrowed it down to the ones that would work well for us.

After the installation, done by a licensed electrician, we now have this bank of handsome switches.


A closeup.


The switches in order from right to left are: Soft Tap Dimmer, Soft Tap switch and then two more Soft Tap Dimmers.  And the dimmers actually light up to indicate how low or bright they are (see the photo below).



Now as I said I had two banks of switches, the one above on one wall and then one by the front door (as shown in the before photos).

Here’s how that wall looks now.


So much better!


Again a close up. The first switch is the Wave switch, so we just wave our hands by it and it turns on and off…so fun! The other two switches are Touch switches.

We are really enjoying them and having fun turning the lights on and off.  They look and feel so streamlined and futuristic.  I would stress that you do not attempt to install yourself, as it did take our electrician awhile to figure out the installation since he was not familiar with them.

Now, Adorne was very generous to me and offered me a few more to try out.  So I selected a Sensa switch, which is basically a motion detecting switch that you can program to shut off after a pre-selected time along with a couple of other goodies.  I’ll be posting all about them very soon!

Disclaimer: Adorne supplied the switches, outlets and plates, all installation was paid for by me, and all opinions are my own.


Interior Design Show 2013 – Lighting

So, this is my last instalment focusing on some IDS inspiration.  Again, a heavy photo warning as there were so, so, so many beautiful fixtures.

These adorable little pendants are from Eurolite
Atelier cocotte lamps
The one above and the three following are all from the Living Lighting on King booth.
This one is from AM Studio.
These interesting pendants were over a kitchen island in Parvis booth.
Cocoon – above and below showcased warm metal lighting.
This gorgeous frothy light was in the Emily Quinn booth.  Apparently it is made from fabric and it just glowed.
Ikea booth with a ton of Hektar pendant lamps.
Ikea’s bathroom next door,  featured their Haggas pendant light.
Rudely Studio Works
 This was the table lighting in the Beauti Tone booth. They were made with dipped paint stir sticks!
The caged lighting above was at the Earth booth. Caged lighting was definitely a theme at the show.
These were in the Metropolis booth, can you tell what they were?  Old street lights…how cool!
And here are some more caged lights also at the Metropolis booth.
And then this lighting, while not at IDS, was noticed while I was visiting Toronto.

These first two were at the Caesarstone pre IDS party that the TBBs were fortunate enough to be invited to.

This one above would be super cute in a wine cellar for atmosphere lighting.  And a great way to use up those wine corks!
And these pompom pendants were at Trianon.
All the following lights were also at Trianon.
Fortuny  anyone?
Some glamour perhaps?
Or some rustic?
I loved these matte black ones with gold interiors…beautiful!

I told you there were alot of photos.  Hope that keeps you inspired for awhile.

P.S. I will be on Rogers Daytime Ottawa this morning to talk all about Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition with Sonya Kinkade.



A Productive Weekend

Had a busy, great weekend up at the cottage last weekend.  Great company and a little work accomplished always makes me happy.  I had been wanting to put a chalkboard somewhere in the kitchen or dining room of the cottage and this past weekend I got it done.

This piece of wood panelling leading into the kitchen had been damaged by some water previously and it was being hidden by the cute little potato bin.  So, what better place, right between the kitchen and the dining room and a little camouflage as well.

Here’s the before…

And after a coat of primer.

And after three coats of black board paint.  The can says one coat but even after two I thought it could do with a third.

And what it looked like after our company left.  Everyone loves writing on a black board!

And I don’t know if you noticed the lovely glass pendant in the first photo, but my talented hubby figured out how to hard wire these pendants onto the existing track lighting :)  The only issue was the fact that we had to lose the black cap at the top. So what to use to cover the ugly connection?  I came up with using Pottery Barn’s burlap cord covers.

I think they worked out just great.

And if one is good, two is even better!

Lamp and Dress do overs

I’ve been scouting around my current cottage, my home and everywhere else for items that can be used in our new cottage.
I purchased two of these floor lamps probably about 20 years ago for our first home. Then they were sent to the the cottage when I purchased new ones for our house.
I thought I’d try and see if I could like them again. Here’s one in the process of the painting.
So after a couple of hours (mostly waiting for paint to dry), a couple of cans of matte black spray paint and a new lampshade…TAA DAA!
I think it looks pretty terrific and I immediately did the second one that I have.
Next, I moved onto an old dresser that we have at our cottage. It is a mid century modern style and I wanted to change it up a bit.
Here it is, in all it’s sad, sad, sad glory.
Now it looks like this.
The handles were an interesting shape and I wanted to keep them. So I tried polishing up one and low and behold they are brass and with some wonderful stuff called Bar Keeper’s Friend and a little bit of elbow grease.

Dresser makeover-005

They don’t even look like the same handles now.  Amazing what a little polish can do.