A subtle paint reveal

Well, if you follow me on my Business Facebook page you know that I did get my family room painted before the weekend birthday celebrations.

Well, this isn’t a huge stunning reveal as the difference is quite subtle, but I was just wanted to eliminate the yellow tone of the walls for a neutral that had more grey in it.  As you will see from the photos below I have red toned hardwood floors and cabinetry so I have to keep some warmth in the paint colour.

New Colour – Grant Beige


To refresh your memory this was the original paint colour – Danville Tan HC -91 from Benjamin Moore.


Old Colour – Danville Tan


And I thought I was going to use Revere Pewter HC-172, also Benjamin Moore, but once I had it up on the walls it was far too blue.


 There is a reason why I tell my clients to test a colour on a couple of walls and to live with it for a day or two.  You can check it in daylight, at night and on a sunny and cloudy day and see how it transforms.  Revere pewter looked great on the window walls but really blue on the walls opposite the windows.  A very good reminder not to skip this step.

So back to the paint deck and the winner was – Grant Beige HC-83  As you can see not that different from Revere Pewter but a touch warmer and that made all the difference in my room. I’d say it’s really a linen shade.






It really  just freshened it up the room (not too sure why the paint colour is reading aqua above the sofa, must be my camera doing something with the light as it doesn’t appear like that in real life at all).

So where are you doing your spring painting?


Injecting whimsey in your home

I’ve been quite sick for the last while, so please excuse the lack of posts, I just haven’t been feeling it.

After a restful weekend at the cottage, I managed to do a little work down there, but unfortunately, no painting which I had hoped to accomplish.

And I mean a very little work……with some home made stencils and some chalk pens.

In my laundry room I have a laundry chute, I know so cool and I do love it.  It however, is pretty much an eyesore in the room and since it is front and center as soon as you come into the space, I knew I wanted to do something with it. Since I can’t hide it, I thought I’d make it at least fun.

Before it looked like this.


 And now with some chalk board paint, stencils and some chalk pens it is much more fun.


I did up my own home made stencil and then just placed the clothespins where I wanted them to dress up the side.  When I want a change it’s as easy as wiping them off with a dry cloth.



And I just added some fun laundry words of wisdom on the door.   Perhaps I will get the room painted next time I’m up….


The easy way to update cabinetry

So you want to know how to easily and inexpensively to update your cabinetry. One word  -


Yes, so simple and it makes a huge difference. I just changed up the pink, yes, I said, pink hardware in my cottage laundry room and it has made an absolutely huge difference.

Here’s the original hardware….I know, I know, you are jealous. They are actually very solid metal and no signs of any chips even after 20 years of use.  If you’d like them let me know I’d be glad to pass them along….  I’m sure everyone will be fighting for them :-) Otherwise, they will be heading to the ReStore.


And the new version, courtesy of Ikea (Ekeboda handles) in a lovely stainless steel finish.


It instantly made the cupboards look modern and played down the faint pink stripe in the cabinets and countertop…yes, they match…don’t ask me…it was like that when we bought the house.

DESIGN TIP – straight, square or linear handles will give a modern edge to your cabinetry and round knobs or curved handles offer a more traditional feel.  Please ensure that you purchase the same size hardware as your existing handles or you will be drilling and filling holes in your cabinetry.

Final review coming soon…well, hopefully soon.



Shopping your home and injecting colour in neutral spaces

Today you get not one but two posts of mine! The first is on BrazenWoman and is all about shopping your home to give it a brand new look for 2014.  Click on either the logo or the photos to read.











And the second is on the TBB blog and it’s all about injecting colour into neutral spaces.

TBB logo 100x134 transp-1




And we have a Refinished Table!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a restful and fun filled holiday! Mine was great, very relaxing, spent a lot of time with family and definitely ate and drank too much. But then, that’s what the holidays are all about.

We spent some time at the cottage and I managed to finish my table makeover, finally.  It was more of a job than I thought, but isn’t that usually the way.  I had to make a compromise or two on the way but I still am very happy with the way it turned out.  It’ll be perfect for our card playing evenings come summer time.

So to refresh your memory this is how the table was looking. It was in pretty rough shape.  To read my original post, click here.


I sanded slightly and painted the base in chalk paint (made by myself – click here for the recipe) in this bright green. I wanted to bring some lightness and freshness to the sunroom.


 Sherwin-Williams – Dancing Green 6716

Next up, I sanded the top which was much more arduous than I originally thought. The original finish kept gumming up the belt sander and then we tried the palm sander, which unfortunately due to our over zealous sanding caused many ripples in the surface and horror of horrors, went down to the plywood base…so much for it being a solid wood top.   Luckily, most of our boo boos were in the leaves of the table which I usually do not leave in place, as I prefer the smaller footprint in this room.

So after finally getting the top sanded, it looked like this.


I had originally intended to sand the apron by hand and stain it the same as the table top, but after trying to do just a small area, I was totally discouraged and decided on the simpler and faster route of painting the apron the same as the base.  I know a bit lazy, but I really don’t have that much patience.

So I painted the apron and then stained and varnished the top (with a satin polyurethane) and here’s the finished result.

refinished table



I love how by painting the base and apron the details show up so much more than just staining the wood.  Sorry to all the wood lovers but there is definitely enough wood in this home!