Refinishing a table – Step 1

I inherited this table when we purchased our first cottage and found it left in the unheated bunkie on the property.  I loved the base and we brought it with us to our current cottage. However, as you can see the finish is in bad shape and it has been on my list to redo since then.

DSC_0774 Here it is in the sunroom, with the original finish.

I decided I wanted to paint the bottom, again with some chalk paint (being addicted to the soft effect the paint has on furniture).  Next up, what colour? I originally thought perhaps an off-white, then I went to blue and finally I settled on a bright green. Yes, a bright green.  I wanted something bright because

1. the log walls are quite dark and tend to suck in colour,

2. it was the only going to be on the base and therefore in shadow and

3. it would be usually covered by chair legs.

Unknown green

Sherwin-Williams – Dancing Green 6716

As far as steps go, I sanded the base lightly to help the paint adhere, remove any loose bits and because it is such a dark finish.  Then I painted three coats of chalk paint (using the home made recipe that I shared on my buffet makeover).

DSC_0106 Step 2 and 3 will consist of waxing it as well as sanding the top down to the natural wood and then I’ll be deciding whether I will stain and varnish the top or just varnish the top.   Certainly freshens it up and it looks really great with the blues in the rest of the room.

I’ll be sharing the finished table once it’s done, which hopefully will be in the next few weeks.


Croquet, anyone?

These cute little vintage croquet balls, were left at my previous cottage.
But they needed a little love.
Here’s how they started.

So being inspired by Kelly’s of Jax does Design recent post where she polished up some vintage wooden buoys, I went to work.
Kelly used clear paste wax but my local hardware store didn’t have this, so based on their suggestion, I substituted this beeswax.

And here’s how they turned out.

They just sucked up the beeswax, they were so dry. And then I just polished them up till they shined.

I love how there is just a subtle sheen and the striped colours show up so much better now.  I wish I had a full set….

And I love how they look next to my striped painted oar. (BTW – I don’t usually have my paperbacks placed in the book shelf like this but let’s just say it was my artistic sensibility that made me switch them backwards).

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Dipped chair makeover

Ever since I saw these diy paint dipped makeovers, I wanted to try it. This one shows baskets.

And these one show it done on chair legs.

Cute puppy….

So, off to the garage to find a little old chair that I’ve been hanging on to for….oh….about 8 years….or so…nothing like procrastinating a makeover….
I’m not sure how old this chair is but the washers holding the chair together are square shaped and look hand made.  I believe the seat is leather and has been attached using tacks.

I washed it all off and chose a paint colour from a few little sample pots I had hanging around – Benjamin Moore – Waterfall 2050-50.

So I measured 6″ up on the legs (just under the chair stretcher) and taped it off with some painters tape.

A few moments later, it looked like this.

I did quite a few coats as I wanted it to look “dipped”.  Here’s the final result.

With a cute little pillow (that I made) added. I think it looks adorable.

I even left the small hole in the leather seat alone, some vintage charm….  BTW – the trunk beside it, is my father’s Air Force trunk with all it’s dings and patina intact.  I love it!

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Breathing new life

In the summer I mentioned that I picked up this chair on the side of the road in this post.

And I was thrilled in this post where I wrote about House and Home showcasing the same fabric I planned to use to reupholster it, but in red.

Here’s how the chair makeover went…  I started by removing the blue fabric to see what was underneath.

This was the first layer above…weird no foam just this faux sheepskin inside (no wonder it wasn’t very comfortable).

This was about when I decided to use new wood for the seat frame….a little too scary for me.
And I apologize for the lack of photos of the process, I got carried away with doing it and forgot to take pictures.  But here’s the steps.

1.  I had my big box store cut a new piece of sturdy 1/2″ plywood the same size as the original piece.
2. Then I cut a 3″ thick piece of foam the same size as the board.
3. I used spray adhesive to place the foam on the board.  I then covered it with quilt batting to soften the edges.  The batting is cut about approximately 4″-5″ larger to be able to wrap it around the board and foam and staple it in place.

4. Cut your fabric piece about 6″-8″larger on all sides.  If your pattern has a specific center make sure that you decide how you want it to show on the seat front before you cut.
“Measure twice, cut once”.

5. Staple once on each of the four sides and ensure the pattern is straight then continue with a few staples on each side, stretching the fabric taut as you go.  Continue stapling until all sides are done.
7. Screw newly covered board in place on the chair.
8. I also made a matching throw pillow with a feather insert I had hanging around.  It makes the chair a little more comfortable.

Below is the seat and pillow, before I actually had my hubby put the seat in place.

I had originally planned to sand and stain the frame of the seat.  But being my usual impatient self, I just went ahead and did the upholstering, figuring that I could always remove the seat easily and stain or paint the frame later.  Not to mention, that I was having lots of trouble finding a gray stain that I liked.


Now that it’s in place I actually don’t mind the original finish as it matches the pine baseboards and logs throughout the cottage.  So I think it’ll stay as it is for the foreseeable future.  It really is lovely in my son’s room with the blue walls and carpet and they not going to be changed anytime soon.  There are far too many other things to do.

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Woodhaven – An update

My hubby and I have been very busy working away at our new cottage (named “Woodhaven” by the previous owners).

However, now I actually have some progress to report.  I mentioned a few posts back about putting up my Grandfather’s ice saw from the days when most people used iceboxes and not refrigerators.

My Dad brought it over to us during the holidays.  He had it tucked away in his workroom but he thought it would look great at our log cottage. And he was so right.  Thanks Dad!

Here it is in place in our sunroom.  (Sorry for the bad exposure, it is very hard to take a picture in this room, the light is very intense during the day and then at night, the lamps do not light up the high ceiling).  Santa, I need a better camera…..

My Dad is very happy that his Father’s ice saw has found the perfect home.

The sunroom is where I had originally envisioned putting some vintage oars that I had but this is much better.  Also, one of the vintage oars mysteriously disappeared during the move ;-(    But, I still have some old water skiis that I need to find a home for.

My Father also brought over a sicle that my Grandfather used on his farm and my Grandmother’s iron, the kind that you would put on the wood stove to heat up.  It makes me very happy to have these items, with my family’s history in them.

Do you have items that you display that showcase your family’s history?