A fire table and a photo gallery wall

Well, I’m happy to report that the fire table was up and running this past weekend, just in time for our wonderful avalanche of guests for the next month.  Click here to see my previous post which shows our inspiration for the table.

We christened it on Saturday night with some good friends and a little bit of Prosecco, they were kind enough to bring.

photo 3 copy 2

Here’s a little better shot of it the next morning.  My hubby did such a great job of it.  I picture many evenings here with a glass of wine….sigh….

photo 2 copy

photo 1

So totally in love with it, but a little disconcerting when later Saturday night, the bugs just kept flying right into the flames.  We are now nicknaming it,  the insect crematorium 🙂

And on another note, I’ve started a photo gallery wall in the upstairs  hall.  It’s been a long time coming, since I wanted to do it ever since we moved in.  Keep in mind that it is just in the beginning stages and it will be added to in the years to come, as it’s a very long hall.  My friend, Mary Anne was kind enough to donate some of her antique finds and I thought they would be a great addition to the gallery wall.  I always like to mix it up and not just have photos and artwork on a gallery wall.

Here’s my process, first I trace the outline of the frames on to newspaper and then cut them out.  With painters tape I arrange them on the wall.  This way you can change it up until you like what you see.  Much easier than putting a huge amount of nails in the wall.  This picture was taken after I had already hung some new frames, I did use the newspaper trick for them as well, just didn’t get a shot of it :-/

photo 21

And the semifinished wall. Sorry for the blurred out faces but I just don’t feel right posting pictures of my kids on the internet.


I’m off to help out my son and his fiancé, with their own art gallery wall tonight. Should be fun!



  1. What a gorgeous place! You are so lucky to have a cottage to escape to!

    • Thanks Barbara. Yes, we are very spoiled and now that the renovation list is slightly smaller our wallets and us, are breathing a little easier.

  2. I just realized that I was following your fireplace reveal on Instagram and didn’t see the full “tada” here. So gorgeous. Let’s just hope those flies get a little smarter. Gallery walls are SO tough. I tend to find a model at a store and replicate the same thing — boooooring. I did start a stairway gallery wall earlier in the summer though; so much easier for the gallery-wall impaired, like me, since you actually have a “standard” measurement to build on. Enjoy the peace and serenity 🙂

    • Well the bugs aren’t getting any smarter, so it’s become some bug control for us too 🙂 It’s so fun to do a gallery wall, I love the touch of personality that always comes with them. You’ll have to do a reveal of yours on your blog.