Diffa Dining by Design…..

While I was at the Architectural Digest Home Show with Modenus’ BlogtourNYC we were fortunate enough to be given a guided tour by Barry Dixon, through some of the Diffa Dining by Design exhibits.


If you are wondering what DIFFA is about, here’s a synopsis from their site:

“DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS is one of the country’s largest supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and preventative education for those at risk.  Merging care with commerce, supporters of DIFFA come from all fields of fine design and the visual arts, including architecture, fashion design, interior design, photography, digital media and consumer product design.  Since its founding in 1984, DIFFA has mobilized the immense resources of the design communities to grant over $40 million to hundreds of AIDS service organizations, nationwide.  For more information, please visit DIFFA.org.

Here are some of my favourites. Enjoy!