DIY Beach glass vases

I have a bit of an obsession a love for beach glass and for all things in that soft aqua colour.  Last week I happened upon a DIY tutorial for sea glass vases on Pinterest from Sand and Sisal.  And I was immediately off to Michaels to pick up the needed supplies, well almost immediately.  Here’s how my little beach glass experiment turned out.


Aren’t they sweet?

I started out with three of these little jars.  (Sorry I had already started on one before I remembered to take a before picture). I scraped off the little flower sticker and obviously removed the ribbon and top.


I used Martha Stewart Glass Paint Frost in Beach Glass (not Sea Lavender as Kim used – they didn’t have that colour at my Michaels and I thought the Beach Glass looked like it would work just fine).


You’ll also need rubbing alcohol, paper towels and a small brush. I started out with a small bristle brush but switched to a small foam brush (I’ll explain why in a minute).


So for the instructions:

1. Wash the vase with hot water and dish soap and dry completely.  Then wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue.  This will ensure that the paint will stick properly onto the glass.

Tip: To easily hold the vases while cleaning and painting them, place your hands or fingers inside the edge.

2. Paint the first coat in a horizontal direction, the second coat in a vertical direction and I actually did a third coat, again in a horizontal direction.   This is to try to eliminate any brush strokes.  I waited 15 minutes in between coats for the paint to dry.  I also switched from the small bristle brush to a small foam brush.  I found the small brush was leaving too many brush strokes and the foam brush worked better.  However, I did use the small brush on the lip of the jars.

3. That’s it…easy peasy.  The instructions say if allowed to air dry, that in 21 days the paint will be permanent.  It also mentioned that you can bake the item to seal the paint but hey….I’m going to let them air dry….that’s just the way I roll 🙂

4. Add water and some freshly cut tiny buds from your garden and Voila!


Wouldn’t this be great on a large vase too?  That just may be my next DIY.





  1. Oh those vases are beautiful, love the colour!

  2. These are gorgeous! I’ll have to try this!

  3. I would so have to try this! What a beautiful idea.

  4. These are so lovely! I can’t wait to try this technique out myself. Pinning it to the wedding board my daughter and I have too.

  5. Looks awesome Lisa!!! I can see this as a beautiful light fixture too! Will have to try this, thanks for sharing… pinning!

    • And another great idea to use for a light fixture. I would just make sure that the paint is non flammable before you start. But I’d love to see if you do it.

  6. so pretty!

  7. What a simple little project! They turned out so great.

  8. Really pretty. I’ll bet even I could do that.

  9. Gorgeous! Love the color! I too love sea glass.

  10. Soooo pretty! I love the colour. You should totally try a larger vase!

  11. Wow! It looks great. And I love it. I guess you really did a good job in transforming these little jars into something so amazing. Maybe I should try making these too.

  12. Oh gosh these are gorgeous AND I had those same little containers when I lived in Canada! I’m so going to go look for a vase now…and I wonder if I can get that paint at a reasonable price here in the UK? Online shopping I go !!! Right after pinning your post so I don’t lose it!

  13. Oh these are so pretty Lisa….. I do hope I can find that MS glass paint in the UK. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thanks Ann. I hope you can find the paint in the Uk. Bewildered bug is also looking, let me know if you find it and I’ll let her know too.

  14. You did a very good job there, Lisa. I love the outcome! Its so pretty!

  15. Gorgeous Lisa! They are the lovely color of the bluest blue beach glass! Pinning and sharing!