The easy way to update cabinetry

So you want to know how to easily and inexpensively to update your cabinetry. One word  –


Yes, so simple and it makes a huge difference. I just changed up the pink, yes, I said, pink hardware in my cottage laundry room and it has made an absolutely huge difference.

Here’s the original hardware….I know, I know, you are jealous. They are actually very solid metal and no signs of any chips even after 20 years of use.  If you’d like them let me know I’d be glad to pass them along….  I’m sure everyone will be fighting for them 🙂 Otherwise, they will be heading to the ReStore.


And the new version, courtesy of Ikea (Ekeboda handles) in a lovely stainless steel finish.


It instantly made the cupboards look modern and played down the faint pink stripe in the cabinets and countertop…yes, they match…don’t ask me…it was like that when we bought the house.

DESIGN TIP – straight, square or linear handles will give a modern edge to your cabinetry and round knobs or curved handles offer a more traditional feel.  Please ensure that you purchase the same size hardware as your existing handles or you will be drilling and filling holes in your cabinetry.

Final review coming soon…well, hopefully soon.




  1. I like the ones you chose, yes I guess I lean towards the more modern!:) Also, I love those wooden crates!!:)

    • Trust me the laundry room needed a little touch of modern ha ha! I’ll be doing the full reveal soon and you’ll see that vintage crate in all it’s glory. It’s one of my favourites.

  2. They look great Lisa! I did the same thing to our laundry room and bathroom cabinets when we moved into this house and it really is the easiest (and cheapest!) way to give your cabinets a new look.

  3. I think I love the wooden box just as much as the new handles! Nice update 🙂

  4. Such a fun way to add personality and maybe even splurge a bit!


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