Extreme Makeover – Kindness Edition 2011 Photos

So for the last chapter on the Makeover that I was thrilled to be a small part of.  To read more about this charity makeover please click here.
We were tasked with redoing the entryway and the lobby to bring it from institutional to warm and inviting.   Here we are in the process of finalizing the makeover.

All above photos courtesy of Danielle Lynn Photography

Here’s the final photos of the makeover, keep in mind that everything in and done to the space was donated!!!!

Entry area before – 

The entry area after –
The reception area before – 
The reception area after – 
The main lobby area – 
And the after – 
The stairway before –
The stairway after – 
And the used clothing store area before – 
The afters of the used clothing store – 

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who donated their time and products for this fantastic makeover.  It turned out beautifully!

Danielle Lynn Photography


  1. I’m blown away by how you made the spaces look so homey.

  2. Congratulations! It looks fantastic! This kind of good actions deserve applause! XoXo 🙂