From dated to classic

I just finished this master ensuite renovation. Previously, I had done a kitchen renovation for these clients and when they decided to redo their ensuite and main bathrooms, they called me in again.

This post is all about the ensuite, I’ll be doing a post about the main bathroom soon.

The objective was to keep all the fixtures in the same location but to change everything out, on a reasonable budget, as they are considering selling the home in the near future. So with this in mind, we kept the space pretty neutral to appeal to the majority of people.

We actually purchased this entire bathroom from Lowes, including tiles, tub, toilet, vanity, sink, faucets and mirror. The lighting was from another big box store.

The entire bathroom was gutted and the lighting bulkhead was removed which lifts the entire space. The same tile was used throughout with just a small accent tile in the shower area. The tile was laid in a grid pattern on the floor and in a brick pattern around the tub, to give it a little more interest.

And here’s how it looks now.




These are the befores:



And a few detail shots.

IMG_7373 IMG_7383

  IMG_7358 IMG_7361

These dream clients of mine are absolutely thrilled with their new ensuite so that makes me very happy indeed!


  1. Yikes…that is a HUGE improvement. I have never been to lowes…would you recommend?

  2. Nice work, Lisa! Very zen feeling, fresh and clean…

  3. Such a fantastic transformation! Wonderful work Lisa 🙂

  4. Lovely, fresh and cozy! Such a nice feeling! Love all the details that make it all the more special, such as the tray with candle, silver-top container, the orchids, and fluffy towels. Clients must be thrilled 😉

  5. The title says it all, it does have a nice classic style now. With a change of accessories you could take it in many directions from more contemporary to more traditional. When they do go to sell it will make a big difference to perspective buyers-but how nice for your clients that they get to enjoy it now instead of just fixing it up to sell.