Hot travel inspiration

Sorry for the quietness around here lately, but I was taking in some sun and sand.  Don’t you find going away always makes you see your place with new eyes?  So much inspiration comes from travel.

These are a few of my inspiring photos, can you feel the heat? Lord knows, we need it here in Ontario right now.



IMG_8373 IMG_8371



  1. Those sheep benches are ridiculous! I love them so much. Glad you enjoyed the heat and are bringing back warm memories with you. (How do they keep the ghost chairs clean with all the rowdy tourists covered in margaritas and sunblock?)

    • I want one or maybe three of those sheep benches! Ha ha not too sure about the chairs as I was too afraid to sit in them due to the sunscreen issue, actually the only time I saw people sitting in them was in the evening when they were dressed, well at least partially 🙂

  2. Oh, that looks sooo nice! I loved the sheep benches and I was wondering the same with the ghost chairs too!!

  3. That ceiling! Those adorable sheep benches (eeee!!). I would love to get away this month. Unfortunately, it’s not in the cards. Ah well… day dreaming is almost as good. 🙂

  4. I saw a picture of you on FB with a pineapple and the hut in the background – I had a hunch you were off somewhere warm and wonderful! Nice!!

    • Yes, it was nice to get out of this extremely cold winter we are having here. Just wish I could have brought some heat home with me. Thanks for stopping by Sheila!

  5. I almost didn’t want to look at these glorious beachy pics. But I did. Sitting in the shade looking out on the sand and ocean beyond would be perfect right now . Sigh! BTW… How is google+ working for you?

    • I hope it made you a little warmer looking at those pictures :-/ Honestly, I haven’t spent enough time getting to know Google+, everyone raves about it but I’m still learning.

  6. Oh the sheep!! We need some sunshine out here in Alberta too. It’s been mighty chilly!

    • It’s been mighty cold everywhere this year…crazy winter. Thanks for stopping by Heather and hopefully these sheep gave you a little warmth.