Hunky, Chunky, Roving Wool Throw

For me the colder weather always brings with it a need or perhaps a craving to create homemade items.  Being stuck inside makes me look at my spaces with bored eyes and my hands get itching to create something to spice them up.

This winter I’ve gone back to knitting, which is so, so, so popular, right now.  The inspiration is everywhere.  I decided to get on the huge chunky knitting bandwagon and went off to my favourite wool store…….and I came home with 12mm knitting needles.  These are the BIGGEST needles I have ever used…I know, I know, if you look on Pinterest you will see many, many larger needles, some that are made from PVC pipes….WOW clever people, really clever.

Well, I wasn’t quite up to that, so I’m sticking with my somewhat large needles and what’s called Briggs and Little Pure Wool Country Roving yarn.

It is five strands thick and very, very, easy to break….take my word on that.  I choose a dark blue…I’m sure you are shocked by that…snicker….for the throw blanket I decided to make and it’s coming along nicely.

I call it my Hunky, Chunky, Roving Wool throw.  And I just may have it done by spring 🙂


No pattern for me, nope, I just read up on a bunch of blogs and Pinterest, on what everyone had done and I kind of went from there.

So for those that want a pattern to follow, here’s what I did, by no means do I claim to be an expert knitter, I’m just a dabbler, so proceed at your own risk.

Cast on 40 stitches (about all these knitting needles could handle)

Then first row knit in garter stitch (that’s straight knitting, if you’re not sure).

Then the pattern is –

1st row – K1, *K2, P2* and repeat * to end K1

2nd row – P1, *K2 , P2* and repeat * to end K1

Easy, peasey, and you can see the pattern shaping up in the photo.  Now, if you are wondering how many balls of yarn to buy, I am going to have to get back to you on that.  I bought four to begin with, but I fully anticipate having to go back to pick up some more.

****Disclaimer – you really should get all your wool at one time so that they are all from the same dye lot (the colours can vary with each dye lot).  I’m just hoping that I get back there soon enough that they aren’t on to the next dye lot.

If this works out well, there may be many, many, many throws given as gifts next Christmas… didn’t read this, family and friends.

So what are you making during this long, cold, snowy winter?




  1. I am not a knitter, but I do love to crochet. One of these days, I would like to learn how! I would love to make a knitted throw.

  2. I love chunky knit anything! The last chunky thing I knit was one of those sweaters waaaay back in time – I forget what they were called, but you used one super huge knitting needle and one regular sized one. I just recently bought my daughter an infinity scarf that was done by elbow knitting! Very cool, but I think I might end up looking like a kitten with a ball of yarn if I try it! Love the yarn you chose!!!

  3. I absolutely love getting absorbed into something crafty. I used to crochet when I was younger and pulled out the needle before my son was born a few years back. I managed to pull together a pretty and VERY little blanket for his car seat. I’d love to learn to knit though; my grand-ma taught me to crochet but we never mastered knitting unfortunately. I look forward to seeing how you progress — it’s all about the journey. 🙂

    • Ha Meredith. As I just mentioned below I never learnt how to crochet except for a chain. Perhaps we should trade expertise. Knitting is pretty simple really just two types of stitches that are varied to create the pattern. I’ve managed to finish one ball of yarn so far.

  4. I also started knitting some sleeves for a coat which had a 2/3 sleeve and, of course, didn’t manage to finish it, passed it to my mother in law, she finished it for me and now I am not using them!!
    I wish you get to the end, not like me!:))
    It is looking gret so far!:)

    • Oh no, that’s too bad, you should definitely pull out that coat and try it again 🙂 Hopefully I’ll finish the throw, but now I’m wondering if it is wide enough, I may have to do another one and stitch them together.

  5. I love chunky wool throws. I made a blanket for Christmas by knitting long scarf like pieces and then sewing them together. It worked out pretty well – pics on the blog if you want to have a look

    • Wow Dani such a great blanket. I’m so inspired and thinking that my throw may be too narrow so I may have to do another width and stitch the two together. I love the different patterns you choose to use for each different colour.

  6. I really want to learn how to knit. Love how rich this looks!

    • It really is a great thing to learn how to do as you can bring it along with you just about everywhere and it is relaxing as well. Plus, you end up with something useful at the end….well hopefully!

  7. Adore! I miss knitting so much… I bet it has been 5-7 years since I did a project… you have inspired me to search out those needles and get clickity-clacking again!

  8. Your throw is off to a beautiful start. I would love to learn to knit or crochet one day. So many inspiring projects!