Mr. and Mrs. Steam……

While in New York City for Modenus’ BlogtourNYC, we had the pleasure of meeting Blogtour sponsor, Mrs. Steam (or Martha), the woman behind Mr. Steam.  Can I say what a pure delight she is.  Friendly, outgoing and always with a big smile, she is so easy to like.  And I must say, with the most beautiful skin, which she credits to her daily steam showers.  Sign me up.

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So of course we discussed the benefits of steam therapy. They really are endless but here’s just a few that I’m highlighting:

1. Respiratory health – opens up nasal passages, helps to alleviate allergies, improves breathing, relief from asthma symptoms, soothes the throat and decreases croup symptoms.

2. Skin Care – cleanses the skin, may relieve acne conditions, opens up the pores, lubricates and hydrates the skin, rejuvenates and leaves skin with a healthy glow.

3. Holistic Health – removes toxins, increases circulation, helps our bodies get rid of excess sodium and relieves arthritic pain and discomfort.

4.Well-Being – relieves stress, encourages relaxation and promotes a deep and restful sleep. Adding Music therapy and/or Chroma Therapy will increase the stress reduction and mood enhancing properties.

5. Physical Wellness – increases circulation, boosts metabolism, removes lactic acid from overworked muscles and increases flexibility

All this and it uses less than 2 gallons of water for a 1/2 hr steam bath. It costs only cents to operate and can be added to an existing shower with no separate room needed.

All this and their new iSteam controls with a touch screen display that sits flush with the tiles, which really appeals to the designer in me.  And if you just don’t want to get up there is even an iGenie so that you can preheat the steam shower from up to 100 feet away.


IMG_2550 IMG_2551

Don’t you deserve the pampering….I know I do!  Check out my City House Dream Bath and Country House Dream Bath to see how I’ve used them.




  1. Lisa, this is such a helpful write up on home steam showers! People are so shocked when they realize how relatively simple it is to include a steam shower in a bathroom remodel. I want one, too!