Natural Holiday Arrangement

I’ve just finished up this exterior holiday arrangement on my front porch and thought you might like a peek.
I’m pretty pleased with it – I used one of my backyard aluminum floral containers that I put my annuals in during the summer. 
I will be adding in some white mini Christmas lights once I pick some up.  The lantern at the base added some additional interest.

Here’s a close up. So what are you putting on your front porch or entry this holiday season

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  1. Nice! I’m too lazy to put together an arrangement for the front porch, so all that’s there is a poor empty planter. Although you may have inspired me to do something festive 🙂


  2. Wow!! Love it sooo much, I would love to do something just like this for my home, it’s gorgeous!
    Nancy xo

  3. Oh no, I forgot to leave a comment on this post, even though I read it a week ago.

    So, I have to give you cred Lisa, this is such a beautiful arrangement. You should be a flower arranger too =) Love the evergreens, and the red branches adds the perfect touch of Christmas.

    This post really inspired me to make a pretty outdoor arrangement =) I think I’ll do it tomorrow, and It will probably be (heavily) inspired by yours!

    xo Linda