seasonal decorating

Autumn Country Exterior Urn

Contemporary Autumn Exterior urn

Contemporary Christmas exterior urn in silver and chartreuse

Classic Christmas Exterior urn and wreath in reds and golds

This beautiful home was dressed for the holidays, starting with a swag on the lamp post.  It continued on the railings in front of the french doors and finished with a gorgeous urn at the front door together with a coordinating wreath. Also shown is a close up of the holiday urn and the railing garland.  All set for holiday visitors.

Railing Garland

Seasonal Decorating

Contemporary Christmas Exterior decorating in red and gold


Contemporary Christmas Exterior urn in silver with pinecones

Contemporary Christmas Exterior urn and swag in turquoise

Contemporary Christmas Exterior urn in red and golds


Country Christmas Exterior urn, sleigh and lantern in teal and bronze