Reupholstering my old chair

Since everyone is trying to renew, reuse and renovate – here’s my contribution! This chair was left in the cottage we purchased a few years ago and I resisted my husband’s suggestion to throw it out. I loved the lines of it and figured I could somehow renew it. I found out from an antiques expert that the chair is from the 1920’s, the upholstery was sitting on top of the chair and the filling was straw!

Here’s the before photo

Well – skip ahead to many years later and I finally got it finished. I spent a good deal of time searching for the “perfect” fabric and finally found it at Rockland Textiles. I then painted the frame black and had it professionally reupholstered. I love it and my husband can’t believe it is the same chair. So now it has a new life in my family room!


  1. Lisa – I am so glad you posted about this chair! I love the finished product. Good call on the hubby veto – this is an awesome piece of furniture! Love it!

  2. Thanks Donna I love it too! I hate to throw something out when there is so much potential!

  3. Wowsers!! That is one fantastic makeover!! Love the fabric — it reminds me of fireworks.

    Where did you get it reupholstered??


  4. It does look like fireworks! I used an upholsterer that lives near me – I had seen his work and I am very happy with my chair. If you need his info I’d be happy to pass it along.

  5. what a beautiful chair worth the time and effort Cant believe someone left it

  6. Love the transformation Lisa!! I have a couple of chairs waiting to be re-upholstered… I just need to find the right, special, fabric!

    I wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment on my Patti’s Bathroom post… I appreciate the support! I’m still undecided on whether I’ll take a “next job”… I love so many elements of the work, but this one was tough! For now, I’ll stick to projects around the house. Until someone comes asking for my help, that is!! See… I can’t say no!!

    Victoria @ DesignTies