Spring has sprung and some news

So after being terribly embarrassed by my yellowing evergreen arrangement at my front door, I finally had some time on Sunday to make it feel like spring.  And with gorgeous temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius (unheard of here at this time of year) it was definitely time.

I went through the large tupperware container I have in the basement full of craft bits and pieces.  I found a square spring wreath that I wasn’t planning on using this year and a bunch of twigs as well.  I picked up a wicker ball and some faux forsythia and pussy willow branches and I was all set.

Here’s how it turned out.

I just placed the square wreath right on the top of the planter, it fit perfectly and with a little dab of hot glue in each corner, it shouldn’t move, I hope….  Then I placed a floral foam rectangle (to hold the twigs in place) into the small planter inside the large planter and pushed the twigs in.  The pussy willow and forsythia branches were added into the twigs and lastly, I wired the wicker ball in place and I was done.

Then, since I was on a roll, I took out the spring wreath I had found in the clearance bin at Pier 1, which I thought would be great at the cottage.

Here’s what I started with.

Pretty but a little sad.

So I gathered my supplies, from another trip to the craft bin and this time I even had a helper come along.

Here’s what we ended up with.

Much better, now it looks happy!

I’ve linked this post up to Rhoda’s Spring Door Decor Party.

Now for my news.   I am working at the Canadian Decorator’s Association (CDECA) booth this week, at their Ask a CDECArator which is held during the Ottawa Home and Garden Show. I’ll be there Thursday and Friday evening and Sunday morning, so if you are in the area, stop by and say hi!

Anyways, my news is that…. I’ll be on the Rogers Daytime Show channel 22 for a short segment during the 2 pm show (airs at 5 pm and 11 pm) to talk design and the latest trends.  Maybe I shouldn’t say anything in case I’m terrible…..ekk!

Wish me luck!


  1. Great job! Can’t believe it was so cold there. We were i the mid 80’s this weekend here in Atlanta (but it was 7 days of historical high’s AND highest pollen count ever too).

    • Thanks so much! Actually in Canada we measure temperature in Celsius degrees not Fahrenheit so it was actually 71 Fahrenheit here, so not cold at all for March in Canada. We are loving this very early summer, seems we have skipped over our spring, but winter may be back….

  2. You’ll be great, Lisa – congrats!

    You’re so good at creating planter arrangements. I want to do something completely different with the planters on my front porch this year – just have no idea what! Although your planter has given me an idea…. 🙂


  3. No doubt you’ll be a star, Lisa! Best of luck, break a leg! 😉 Enjoy! Love the stylish planter and wreath! Well done 😉

  4. Good luck tomorrow, Lisa! You’ll do great!

  5. Your worked your magic, and magic happened! I love the lemon wreath – fresh and cheery! I’m so looking forward to hearing all about your time on the Rogers Daytime Show!!!

  6. Oh my, take a bow!

    You’ve put a “spring” in my step with your creative loveliness.

    Have a blessed day!