Boston Tour

Don’t you find you get so inspired by travelling?  I was recently in Boston and here’s some pictures I took while there.

This headstone intrigued me.  The inscription reads,

“In memory of Mrs. Seeth Rumney who died suddenly Jan. 13th, 1804.  Aet 56 
The late amicable consort of Cap. Edward Rumney.”

Consort?  Really??

The thinnest house in Boston….

The Old North Church, where the lantern signal was given “one if by land, two if by sea” before Paul Revere’s ride.

Isn’t this a beautiful brass chandelier?  Take a peak at the decorative brass half way up the chain.


The lovely restaurant in the North district, where we ate a sumptuous Italian lunch.

The gorgeous event venue set up for our dinner that evening.  I loved the different shades of green used for the table scape.  The clear chairs were beautiful and gave a really pretty glistening effect to the room.  Eco friendly items were used, where ever possible.

Not sure what building this is, but I thought it made an interesting photo, due to the foggy, rainy evening.

And of course, what’s Boston without a visit to Harvard.

The prestigious Beacon Hill neighbourhood of Boston.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Boston.  I will be posting shortly on our visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  There were so many beautiful things there!