2013 – A new start

Well, it’s the start of a new year, which for some reason always makes me want to organize and purge.  Probably has to do with all the excess of the holidays.  Too much decor, too much sparkle, too much food, too much wine, too much of everything…..
So here’s my hints for starting the new year off right, decor wise.
1.  When putting away your holiday ornaments, try to group like items together, all garland together, all sprigs in one box, christmas tree ornaments together in one box.  It makes it so much easier next year when you are looking for that specific item.
2.  Once I have the Christmas items put away I take the opportunity to enjoy the simplicity and decide exactly what I want to put back.
3.  This is also the perfect time to rethink furniture layout and maybe exchanging your bedroom chair for the living room one and vice versa.
4.  Same goes for accessories and decor items.  Try placing them in a new room or in a new vignette.  This often gives them a new life and changes up your decor without a visit to the store.
5.  If you are craving more of a change, this time of year is perfect for painting a room a different colour or adding some bold wallpaper or a stencil to freshen things up.
And on another note, Angela from Number Fifty-Three has featured me on her post all about her favourites from her Christmas Tree link party. Check it out here.