Handmade at IDS18’s Studio North

The 70’s influence was definitely being revisited in the decor at IDS18. Handmade and bespoke items are still being showcased and Studio North is the perfect place to see what’s next in design.

Large scale knitted upholstery and macrame rugs, lights and art were the key features at these booths. These lights are totally familiar to me, as they are very similar to one I had myself as a teenager. Totally dating myself…..

ids18 Studio North ids18 Studio North

I missed the names of these booths, so if anyone knows, please message me and I’ll add the credit.

Atelier C.U.B.

Custom leather and wood stools and leather tent shaped lighting was featured at Atelier C.U.B.

Gypsy Potter Studio

Gypsy Potter Studio had beautifully patterned pottery on display. Would you believe horsehair is used to create most of the designs? It is placed on the pottery before firing and it is a surprise as to how the final product will look.

Dusil Design

Dusil Design had these stunning barn doors that have been embellished with metal sculpture. Amazing!

Locus VIE & Hidraulik

Locus VIE & Hidraulik showcased their beautiful floorcloths, which are made to look like concrete tiles. They also did placemats in these designs. So pretty and practical!

And of course there was this unbelievable rug from W Studio. I was there and it’s still hard for me to believe it was a rug.

W Studio




IDS12 – Handcrafted and colour

Next, to talk about from IDS12 is the use of wood and colour for this year.

It wasn’t a great shock to see that the handcrafted is still “in” for this year.  The more organic the better.

Lighter wood is everywhere and dark stained wood is officially “out”.  Sorry, to everyone who has dark wood…don’t worry though…it’ll be back again…at some point.

This rope light above got lots of attention.  Very interesting!

And I apologize for showing this tub yet again but it really was one of the most beautiful items in the show.  I can’t get it out of mind, obviously…

They also had these beautiful sinks done in the same type of hammered finish.  Isn’t the barrel sink unique?

Now, these ones are about the colour at IDS 12.  I really didn’t find there was tons of colour but what colour there was, was quite bold.  They are saying we will be seeing the 70’s colour out this year…so are you ready for NEON?  Yikes, definitely not one of my favs.

Here’s Jardin de Ville’s booth with a beautiful translucent blue floor.

I really liked this cool little fireplace.

I have to include Andrew Richard Designs again, the pink and orange were seen from very far in the hall.

And Rubinet showcased some lovely red shower and sink faucets.

And Alfred Sung’s Outdoor set up was gorgeous and sunny in orange or should I say tangerine!

Last but not least, Dee Dee Taylor Eustace’s small scale living set was adorable in orange and gray.

Hope you enjoyed this little wrap off of the handcrafted and the colour at IDS12.

BTW – I’m off for a little R and R in sunny Mexico, but not to worry I have a couple of guest posts lined up for you to read while I’m away.  Hope you enjoy them!


IDS12 – Events

The IDS weekend started on Thursday evening with the Kimberley Seldon Business of Design Website launch.  It took place at the beautiful Modern Weave store on King Street.
Lovely peeps, wine, appetizers and design talk, what more could a girl want?
Opps, didn’t take any pictures here.  But trust me it was lovely and those gorgeous carpets were a great backdrop.
Next up, The Party, the opening gala of the Interior Design Show.  More wonderful people to meet and mingle with, lovely IDS eye candy and, of course more food and wine.
Up bright and early the next morning (insert whining here), and off to Blogpodium which was a fabulous panel discussion with Kimberley Seldon, Editor and Chief of Dabble Magazine, Kate Moore, Cityline Producer, Margot Austin, Senior Design Editor for House and Home Magazine, Jennifer Flores from Rambling Renovators, moderated by Leigh-Anne Allaire Perrault and hosted by Lindsay Stephenson from Little House Blog.
This is my crappy Iphone camera shot.  Jason Hudson  took much better photos.

These below are all his.

BlogPodium images by Jason Hudson

It was so very interesting and thought provoking to hear what these lovely ladies had to say about design blogging.

BlogPodium image by Jason Hudson

The Ottawa gang photo even made the Blogpodium website. Did I mention that it was early?

On Saturday, after a day of shopping, we headed out to the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup.

It was held at Brassaii.

A look at our jam packed swag bags!  They had fabulous sponsors like House and Home Magazine, Ikea, Delta, CIL, Cottonelle, Gluckstein Home and Aya Kitchens,


Here’s the Ottawa gang enjoying a few beverages…
Maureen of Modecor Muses, Sonya of Sonya Kinkade Design
Me, Kelly of Jax Does Design, Nicole of Solace Interiors,
and Donna of dh Designs

Gee, I wonder what we did for our photos to make it on both the Blogpodium and Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup websites?
As you can see it was a very well attended event, thanks to the hard work of organizers, Vitania of Verdigris Vie and Daniella of Daniella Marie.  Here they are with Glen Peloso!

We got to listen to some fab speakers, including Cameron MacNeil, Senior Design Editor at House and Home.

Lisa Murphy, Online Director at House and Home.

And Coco+Kelley‘s creator and now editor, Seattle’s Cassandra LaValle.

However, what we didn’t know was that there was a surprise guest speaker.  None other than Brian Gluckstein!

And here’s our picture with the famous Brian Gluckstein! And yes, he is just as charming in real life as he is on Cityline.

If you’d like to know about the next Canadian Design Bloggers Meet up (it’s happening this May), click on the link.

All in all, a engaging, entertaining, educational and very inspiring weekend! It will certainly take me awhile to absorb it all.


IDS 2012 – Recapped

Today I’m going to focus on the design trends and interesting products that I saw at the IDS this past weekend. In order for this not to be a ridiculously long post, I’ll be doing a few more IDS posts in the near future, that will specifically deal with these in more depth.

The first thing that I noticed was there was texture everywhere.  Here’s the By_Lissoni booth.

Lots of organic and items obviously created by human touch.

Wood was a definite feature and the more natural the better.

Colour was also present which was such a welcome sight on a drizzly, cloudy January day.

Small spaces were also showcased in a number of booths.

The industrial trend is going strong and metalwork was a feature.

Lots of brushed brass and soft gold as faucets, on hood fans, hardware.  Nice to see the warm metal for a change.

Bathroom design was prominently featured and matte sinks, tubs were a definite trend item (this was also the case at last year’s IDS).

Lighting was also showing hand crafted and original pieces.

And finally, tons of overscale pieces, from furniture to floral designs. This huge floral piece was displayed in Nord South Interiors’ space.

And we were lucky to be featured on House and Home’s blog post all about the Design Bloggers Meetup.

That’s enough inspiration for today.  Stay tuned for more posts coming up…