Wondering how to design your child’s room?

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. It was a long one if you are reading from the US and a Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all!

If you are wondering how to design your child’s room…well, then, I have some great tips for you.  This article was published in Saturday’s Ottawa Citizen and it has the top five tips from some local design pros, me included..(insert smiley).  Lots of great articles in the Homes section of paper this past Saturday, dealing with decorating children’s rooms from infant to teen.

Here’s my tip:

Lisa Goulet, Lisa Goulet Design

Talk to your child about her likes and passions — it’s her room after all and it should reflect her personality. Let your child choose the colour; if you’re nervous that it will be too “out there,” give her three versions of her favourite colour, all ones that you can live with, and let her have the final say.

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Farrow and Ball’s 2013 colours & some media

If you are having any thoughts about repainting in 2014, be sure to take a gander at the gorgeous new colours from Farrow and Ball.  I’m posting all about them over at the TBB blog today.

Click on the picture below to read.


Photo courtesy of Farrow and Ball

And for some other exciting news, I was one of the Ottawa area decorators/designers mentioned in an Ottawa Citizen Style article on how to deck your halls.

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Under the Pines concert, power outage and getting published!

Well, what a weekend.  We spent the entire weekend with no power or running water.   After a huge storm and reports of a twister or micro-burst (not too sure what it officially was or will be classified as) very near to our cottage on Friday afternoon, we still did not have our power back on when we left on Sunday night.  Many cottages and homes in the area were damaged by falling trees, so we were rather thankful that it was just a power outage we were dealing with.  Really hoping everything gets fixed up soon for all those still toughing it out there.

The weekend started out great with some good friends coming down to spend it with us.  They arrived just as the power went out and managed to tough it out with us for the entire weekend.  So happy we had our BBQ as we did all our meals on it, even boiled water for tea.

We had tickets to Coronation Hall’s Under the Pines Music Festival opening night and 100 Mile Dinner, catered by Cafe 349. And like troopers the show went on, albeit with a couple of generators.  Musicians and talented singers and a fabulous and delicious dinner, which was sourced within 100 miles.


The venue, Coronation Hall was built as a dance hall in the 1930’s and named to celebrate King George VI’s coronation.  Coronation Hall has been the site of many dances, wedding receptions and was a central part of the community.  It was closed in the 1960’s when business was slow and then used for storage and forgotten.  In early 2003, Coronation Hall was bought by the Graham family who wanted to process apples into ciders.  By 2008 Cider Mills was opened and became the Pontiac’s first licensed winery, making Bristol Light Cider. Jams, jellies and baked goods are also made here and equally delicious! It now includes a tea room and gift shop and runs tours, tastings, orchard visits and high tea.  Be sure to stop by if you are in the area and pick up a tasty treat.


The menu which as I mentioned was catered by Cafe 349.  The TBBs enjoyed dinner here in June.


And look!  Lavender Ridge’s Brise was one of the wines on sale for the evening.


What a magical evening (sorry for the blurry picture but this was the best one of the lot).  This is Under the Pines’ second year (after a very successful first year) and it runs all week, so if you are in the area be sure to see a concert or two.

Also some wonderful excitement for me as my Ottawa Citizen article was printed up in the Saturday paper.  Very thrilling for a small business owner to have such great media coverage!

Click on the photo to read the entire article.


All in all, a really fabulous, exciting and interesting weekend!  Hope you had a great one as well!





Exciting things going on

Well, this year has gotten off to an absolutely great start for me.

First off, I received a great invite, just before the Interior Design Show in Toronto, to join the Beige is Dead blog team from Masco on an Instagram walk through IDS led by Margot Austin.  I wrote all about that here.

And the good things kept going, I received my beautiful new sofa and ordered some chairs for my sadly neglected family room.  So that room is getting some love this year.

Then I found I had a won the $1000 shopping spree from Urban Barn that I entered at IDS.  WOO HOO!  Still trying to decide what loveliness I will purchase, but this coffee table for the cottage is a strong contender.

Timber coffee table – Urban Barn

Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition has also started for the third year in a row. This time the recipient is the Youville Centre for Young Mothers.  It is heating up with all the TBBs looking for donations of items and cash to ensure that a classroom is all fixed up into a cozy and calm lounging room.  If you can help with any of the items still needed (click here for to like our FB page and to see the list) or a cash donation it would be so appreciated.

And I recently received another piece of wonderful news.  It has put a great bounce in my step and I will be sharing once details are all worked out.

Not to worry, I didn’t forget and I’ll be posting my next IDS post this Wednesday all about lighting!


Decor-Rest’s Top 5 Trends of 2013

I just received Decor-Rest’s 5 top spring/summer trend forecast and thought I’d share.

Fashion colours may lead décor trends, and European design markets may be years ahead of us in North America. But, for Christina Marzilli, co-owner of Decor-Rest Ltd., having a keen eye for what Canadians are looking to buy right now, has been the key to her success in the home furnishings business for 40 years. Marzilli’s frequent travels around the world keep her inspired and aware of what’s trending globally, and what Canadians are ready for in-the-moment here at home.
Here are five Spring/Summer décor trends that Marzilli anticipates will be big for Canada in 2013:

The Mix and Match Formula:
“This year, we’re going to be using our sofas as the canvas in which to show off our penchant for colour,” explains Marzilli. “The focus will go beyond the colour of the sofa itself. Rather, it will highlight the mix of patterns and colours used on toss cushions that adorn the sofa.” The fundamental formula, according to Marzilli will be a must-have combination of: flame stitch, floral, geometric patterns, stripes, and solids, where the density of colours will be the element that brings the entire look together.

Personal Style
Consumers will be ready to take chances to showcase their own personal style this year. It’s not just about what they see on the retail floor, they will want to personalize it, customize it, and have that control over the designs they bring home. To meet this need, Decor-Rest is launching a new design concept entitled, “YOUnique” for retailers across Canada, which puts the design control back into consumers’ hands. Customers will be able to choose their preferred sofa frames, fabric or leather, wood finishes, trim and design their sofa the way they envision it. And while green has been chosen by Pantone as their colour for 2013, Marzilli predicts that various shades of yellow will reign supreme in Canadian homes this spring and summer. 

7326 – Windsor Chair – Stephen and Chris – Decor-Rest
Parents everywhere can rejoice this spring and summer, as furniture slipcovers are back. “Slipcover designs have come a long way from where they initially started,” explains Marzilli. “Consumers want design and convenience, and today’s slipcovers offer both.” Sleek new designs in this arena will be very popular across Canada. 

It’s not just for the boudoir any more – tufting touches can be seen in the most smallest of spaces such as the back of a corner armchair or front and centre on a large sofa in a grand library. “Tufting is making a big comeback – it’s paying homage to traditions of yesteryear while defining the ‘new traditional’ style that Canadians are craving.” Regardless of size or space the tufting effect offers a touch of old-world glamour to our new world style. 

7000 Churchill – Steven and Chris – Decor-Rest

7636 Alexander Chair – Steven and Chris – Decor-Rest

Exposed Wood
Raw, lacquered or stained, exposed wood will be very chic in Canada this spring and summer. Leading design houses are showcasing white furniture finishes, and Canadians will be experimenting with stains and colours and the natural beauty of wood. Be it the legs of an armchair or doors on a cabinet, we’re paying close attention to exposed wood finishes. 

Two Tone Bella Sandralena Ivory Cabinet – Decor -Rest

Historically, Europeans like firm, sleek and modern sofas, while our friends in the south like over-sized, soft, sink-into-your-seat sofas. According to Marzilli, Canadians have typically been somewhere in the middle. This year, we will be giving into comfort, and opting for sofas that allow us to curl up and cuddle. Whether it’s a small urban style chair or large sectional, Marzilli says, we’re going to be all about “sinking” into our furniture these days, not just sitting on it. 
C2410 – Chair – Cobi Collection – Decor-Rest

So what trends will you be embracing this year?

And in case you missed the TBBs on Rogers Daytime here’s the links to our segments on You Tube, which were taped in late November/December.  You can keep the tips in mind for next year’s decorating frenzy.

Wreaths and Urns – we do give some tips for transitioning your Christmas urn to a winter urn.

Christmas Trees – here’s Sonya’s and Mary Anne’s tips for this year’s Christmas trees.

Table scapes – from Donna and Nicole, lots of tips on how to decorate your table for holidays.