Rustic Kitchen Design

I’m in the middle of a kitchen renovation, where the client requested a rustic feeling but with modern conveniences.

I did up this mood board showcasing the items we’ve selected, it helps clients and myself to visualize everything together and make sure it is a cohesive look.

My client selected the lovely granite with the pops of blue so that was the jumping off point.  Some honed marble as a back splash will add lots of texture and it pairs beautifully with the polished granite.

The porcelain floor tile is a grey blue and has a matte, slightly rough finish, it’ll be perfect in a 12″ x 24″ size and will be laid in a 1/3 brick pattern (due to it being a rectified tile it can’t be laid on a 1/2 brick pattern).

The cupboard on the bottom right shows the cabinetry style but they will be the colour of the cabinet to the left (which is a very pale grey/white).

The faucet, lighting and handles are in an oil rubbed bronze finish to give a touch of craftsman to the space, the warm metal was an easy choice.  The paint colour we’ve selected is Stone House by Benjamin Moore, to cut some of the grey blue and it ties in perfectly with the tones in the back splash as well as with the wood flooring in the rooms adjacent to the kitchen.

The final piece will be a custom glass display cabinet, which will be installed on each side of the dining room entrance.  It will be used to showcase my client’s collection of Inuit sculptures.  This is something I haven’t done before, so I’m very excited to see how it and this kitchen all come together.