Miami and Rogers Daytime Ottawa Segment

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately, I was away and enjoying myself far too much in Miami.

It was a nice little break for both hubby and I.  We stayed at the beautiful and iconic Fontainbleau Hotel. What a place!

I took the above picture of Miami beach with my Iphone 5 in the panoramic mode.

I’ve captured a few highlights from our trip below.

Definitely a fun, upbeat place to visit and I even survived shopping the outlets on Black Friday!

So now it’s back to reality and this Wednesday be sure to catch Rogers Daytime Ottawa (Channel 22) as my fellow TBBer, Maureen and I, show how to make your own exterior Christmas urns and wreaths.


Photography Lessons and Thanksgiving Inspiration

I was fortunate enough to have a casual and super informative photography lesson with Charlene Burnside last week. And I’ve been catching a few moments, here and there to practice all her tips.

So these photos are courtesy of Charlene’s teachings and yes, the camera is off “Auto” and on to “Manual” Charlene.

Since I wasn’t at the cottage this past weekend, I was able to do a little Fall decorating around my own home, inside and outside!!

Be sure to check out Charlene’s fabulous photography on her website.

These ones turned out a little dark…I need to work on that.


Are you all ready for Canadian Thanksgiving?




The Launch of the TBBs

Well, as I mentioned recently, lots of changes happening around here.

One of the most exciting things is the launch of the new TBB blog.  Called Wine, Dine and Design.

Who are the TBBs, you ask?  They are six decorators who met in design school and hit it off like a house on fire!  We are – Mary Anne Van Gaal, Nicole Duguay, Donna Hargrove, Sonya Kinkade, Maureen Coates and yours truly.

Years later, we thought we’d share our exploits and our fabulous finds of wine, food, shopping and decor, in and around our Ottawa neighbourhoods.  There’ll also be some TBB road trips to blog about!

We are all different, all have our own styles but very coincidentally we all love…….WINE!

We launch this coming Tuesday with a bang, as two of our team, Sonya and Maureen will be on CTV Morning Live to talk decor and of course, all about the TBBs.

So won’t you come along and join us!  I promise it’ll be a blast!



Brimfield treasures

I had an absolute fabulous weekend with my TBB peeps in Brimfield, Massachusetts.

We were off with a truck and trailer in tow on Thursday, so we had two full days to explore all that is the Brimfield Antique Market.    I won’t tell you all that happened while we were there as I’m sure that will be done in an upcoming TBB blog post (yes…stayed tuned…and hold on to your hats….there is going to be a TBB Blog Launch shortly).

There was so much there to see that it was a trifle overwhelming…  But after getting over that, I managed to find all these treasures.

I wasn’t really looking for a little round table but I couldn’t resist this adorable distressed blue one for only $50. It appears I have a thing for twisted legs.

I think these vintage Ball jars will be used in my main bath makeover at the cottage. I thought the colour was so pretty and for a total of $12 I thought they were a steal.

 These extra large glass floats will also make it to the cottage. I had never even realized they came so large.  The green and light blue one are authentic but the turquoise one with rope is a modern copy. I just thought it was an interesting one to mix in with the others.

A cute little bathroom sign painted on an old barn board.  Not too sure where this one is going, but likely a bathroom 😉

My extra large basket was also a great find for $30!

And a large crock for either a cottage garbage can or a container for something…..

And last but not least, my vintage library table with barley twist legs is going to become my cottage bathroom vanity.  I will be refinishing it.  Not quite sure, how or what colour it will end up…but it will be done.  It’s the perfect width and depth but I will add some extra pieces to legs to raise it a smidge.

All these great finds and I got to spend a long weekend with my fab TBBs, it was a perfect weekend!