We take pride in delivering professional and valuable service to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

“Well today was an interesting day!  We met with a real estate agent to help us buy a condo we are interested in and to sell our home.  She toured our house and told us it was impressive.  She said wow..a few times.  Most notably in my office!  She said it looked professionally decorated and I told her about you.  You may get a call from her associate who was with her!  Lol.  

Also, I received all the stuff for my bedroom just in time and Claude and I set everything up last night.  It looks awesome!   So this is just a thank you for your advice over the years.  You have a knack Lisa!  We were hanging up the curtains last night and I said to Claude, “I would never have picked out these curtains, but I trust Lisa”  and they look really great!  And those new knobs on the dressers..wow..makes them look like new.  So nice!   Night tables and lamps turned out great.  Very chic room now.  Agents were impressed!

So off we go into downsizing mode.  We see 6 condos tomorrow and may just do an offer before end of day! Expect some more business in my new condo  :-)” ~ Ann & Claude L.


I enjoyed working with Lisa. The first thing I asked of her was to suggest a colour scheme for my townhouse. She did so with efficiency and taste. Her selections were pleasant, colours complimented each other well and and more importantly respected my tastes and personality. Next I asked her to help me renovate my ensuite bathroom. It involved making sure my renovation had appeal and that things were well coordinated. She selected floor tiles, wall tiles for a new shower and a paint for the walls to tie everything together. The result greatly improved the bathroom; I was quite pleased. In all, I enjoyed working with Lisa. She is a good listner, has good taste and vision, works well with her client and is very efficient. I found her rates reasonable. I am looking forward to working with her again on some other aspect of my home decor. ~ Gilles L.


We hired Lisa for several projects including a complete kitchen reno and 2 bathrooms. Decor is definitely not our strength and we were at a loss as to how to choose products, coordinate styles, colors etc. I personally found it to be a daunting and overwhelming task until Lisa came into our lives. She listened as we described our ideas and thoughts which were vague and uncertain but she was able to successfully determine our style and came out with a plan we loved. The experience was very positive and enjoyable. We have come to rely on Lisa for all our renovation/decoration decisions with our home. We have recommended her to friends and they too have been very pleased with the outcome. Lisa is a pleasure to work with, she was very kind and patient while we made our decisions. She was a definite asset to our projects, we are very happy with the high level of service and professionalism we received. We look forward to working with her on our future projects. We would never have put together the kitchen without you, it is fabulous, we love it.  Would never have looked so good if we were left on our own. ~ Betty and Dennis B.

Lisa Goulet has designed a beautiful open concept entryway, kitchen, dining and liviingroom space for my adult lifestyle bungalow. She has taken a very boring beige space and has transformed it into a blend of cohesive colors that give the space a bright and open feel. Lisa is an expert in her field and listened to my needs and vision for the space. She is well connected to quality trades people who have done a terrific job. Work is still in progress and photos will follow when project is completed. I’m thrilled with Lisa’s work and we are already planning the next project. ~ Linda K.

At an initial consultation, Lisa quickly assessed our home and personalities and provided several paint colour options for the main rooms, as well as furniture and wall hanging ideas.  Her suggestions have provided us with a plan for future purchases which will allow us to decorate our home in a tasteful manner while avoiding costly mistakes.  Lisa also provided expert advice on lighting for the kitchen and dining room, a task which we had found daunting.   Lisa took care of everything, from providing choices to ordering the fixtures, arranging and supervising installation.  She respected our budget and kept us informed as to the status of our order.  Lisa was professional in every aspect her work and working with her was a pleasure.  ~  Patti P.

I hired Lisa to provide a plan for the main level of my home. She listened to my wants and needs and provided a floor plan, mood board and list of products and suppliers. Everything she suggested was practical for my home, reasonably priced and to my taste. She has followed my progress with the project and has offered her thoughts and advice through out the process. She is wonderful to work with and I recommend her to anyone! ~ Rachelle P.

My experience with Lisa Goulet Design was very helpful in choosing the right colours to match my decor and furniture.  Herb S.

Lisa Goulet of Lisa Goulet Design has assisted me with several projects in my home. Lisa is a delight to work with. She provides great estimates for projects, keeps to the agreed budget, is very timely in her responses and is very in tune with my taste and my budget. I love that when she shops she keeps my needs in mind and regularly sends me ideas and pictures of items that I can pick up -or say “no thanks” to. To top things off, she is fun to work with. I will definitely work with Lisa again. ~ Ann L.

Thank you Lisa for all your help!! 
The following items encourage us to recommend her to anyone: 
Was on time. 
Helped us think outside the box. 
Focussed on our need and listened to our vision. Responded accordingly. 
Was able to factor in our budget, time constraints and theme when making recommendations. 
Was able to look at the broad picture, but also look at specific design challenges. Offered viable solutions. 
We were very well prepared and had quite a few ideas. She brought even more insight to the table!! 
Was very personable – her opinion is valued. ~ Marie-Angeline B.

Lisa has a great eye for colour and we love her choices.   ~  Dorothy & Rene D.

The colours are beautiful, we’ve had so many compliments from family and friends on the choices we made.  We tell them that you were a huge part of that.   ~  Lee and Jeff F.

We hired Lisa to help us design and decorate the entire first level of our home. The whole experience has been amazing. After an initial meeting Lisa promptly prepared a mood board and 2d imaging for each room. She hit the nail on the head in terms of understanding what we were looking for and our style. She dealt with challenging areas of our home creatively. The end result is an action plan ready to go including paint colours and furniture dimensions. Lisa also made great recommendations for service providers and gathering quotes. This has greatly sped up the decorating process and removed hesitation and uncertainty. The result is stunning. Lisa is so professional and talented, we highly recommend her! ~ Cheryl E. 

I hired Lisa Goulet Design to provide a design layout for my living room. I live in an older home and the space was challenging as it is very long and narrow but Lisa’s design really pulled the room together. Because this was a DIY project she also provided all the suggested furniture dimensions as well as colour options. Lisa was very friendly and professional and delivered well within the time frame we arranged.and at the estimated cost. ~ Tami C.

Lisa’s eye for detail and design were instrumental in ensuring that our renovated kitchen remains a source of both pride and pleasure. Her design advice spanned all elements of the reno, from cabinet design, to lighitng, flooring, backsplash and painting and they all fit together beautifully. Lisa’s tenaciousness with contractors in representing our interests ensured that at the end of the day their performance was up to her very high standard. I would recommend Lisa’s very impressive designer talents or any project you might wish to consider for your home and know that her engagement will go a long way toward assuring your total satisfaction and pleasure. The backsplash is in and looks magic. It really ties all of the colours together that are in the countertops, the cabinetry, the paint on the wall and even the black and silver of the stove. I am super impressed. Well done, you!  Many thanks for your hard work and sense of design and colour, Lisa. The kitchen looks fantastic, in no small measure due to you.  ~  Bob M.

Lisa, thank you once again for your help with our 2 bathrooms.  The before and after pictures are testimonials of your abilities as a interior designer. We loved your selections and loved that you seem to know exactly what we would like.  We have come to rely on you to make our home feel like ours.  You did our kitchen about 3 years ago and we still love it to this day. I was apprehensive at first when I entered the world of decor but you have made it fun and your enthusiasm is contagious.  I look forward to working with you on more projects in the future.  I have personally recommended you to all my friends and family. It is a worthwhile investment.Thanks for your dedication, and hard work, it was a pleasure to work with you.   ~  Betty & Dennis B.