The continuing transformation

After four years in this home, I have been gradually changing the foyer. Here’s the transformation over the last year or so.   It started out looking something like this.

Okay but “yawn”,  a little boring.  So, I decided to paint the doors black and it looked like this.  Better, but still……

(I did end up painting the closet doors black, later on.)  
So, now on to the hopefully, final stage – stenciling.  I had thought of doing wallpaper but I saw this stencil over at Royal Design Studios and loved it and thought that it would look terrific.


 After a couple of days painting, here’s the results!

Isn’t it just fabulous!  I so love it! 

Now I just need a new welcome mat.  Something with a little more pizazz!

I’ll be linking this post up to Metamorphosis Monday on Between Naps on the Porch.   So on Monday, be sure to check out the other fabulous makeovers and transformations there!


  1. It’s beautiful!

  2. it is totally FAB U LOUS! I really love it. You did yourself proud girl! Congrats. Now go put your feet up .. LOL

  3. Absolutely stunning! Love, love, LOVE everything you’ve done in your entry – the stenciling is the cherry on the sundae 🙂

    How did you deal with the corners and the places where the stencil was cut off by the door trim?

  4. Love It Lisa my girl, it is gorgeous!

  5. Well done Lisa! Love your black doors too – quite a transformation!

  6. Doesn’t look like the same foyer at all. Great decisions and hard work for sure, Lisa. It is LOVELY!!!.

  7. Oh Lisa!! It really DID turn out wonderfully! And the walls look soooo fantastic with the black doors. It’s a total, complete package! FAB!!

  8. Love, love, love it! Hard work completely justified!

  9. That looks so amazing. Turned out perfectly. I need to order a stencil STAT!

  10. Thanks Everyone! Kelly, the corners and figuring out how the pattern should run on each wall was a challenge. Let’s just say there was alot of angst – and I ended up hand painting each design in every corner. Just promise me when you come over you won’t look too closely…..

  11. Wow, I love the stencil so much! Can you come over and do mine? I so love the idea of painting the doors black. I’m planning on doing that this summer and I can’t wait!


  12. I love your wonderful and exciting transformation! Watched COLOR SPLASH Miami on HGTV ( I believe) this past week, and David Bromstad used a similar (larger pattern) stencil for a design of an interior wall with a Moroccan flair. Fabulous design, Lisa ! 😉 Pam, OR DESIGN glassworks (

  13. Wow! I love the black doors. Looks fabulous!


  14. that looks awesome! i have a stencil for a small wall and have been nervous about doing it. this is motivaing me!

  15. Wow, impressive stenciling !! Loved the interview over at Hodge Podge with Barbara. You do nice work !!!

  16. I love your black doors. I have spent the last few months painting my doors and trim black. Everyone thought I was crazy. I’m so happy to see someone else had the same idea. I am loving your stenciled walls, they are sooo chic!

  17. Beautiful job!!! Love the stencil!!!
    Have a beautiful week!!!

  18. looks awesome! I have been eyeing a few wall stencils myself and with these pictures I just may be able to talk my hubby into letting me go for it : )Thanks for sharing!

  19. Your ambition floors me! Hand stenciling that much wall area is stupendous. It looks great and so distinctive (no surprise). Hope you are loving it very much — you should be! Happy Easter. Jane

  20. LISA! You did an awesome job with the stenciling!! VERY professional looking. Your foyer looks SO chic. The black door really nails it. Thanks so much for choosing my Moorish Trellis stencil.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The black railing brings it home.

  22. Nice stenciling – your hallways looks great! I’ve got this linked to my quatrefoil post too today, for inspiration!

  23. hi, what color are the walls in pic 1?