Transformation from living room to home office

So do you have a dining room or living room that you never use, because you don’t really need a dining room or living room. Well, change it up. A room is just a room, it can be anything that will work for you and your family. Really! A dining room can be changed into a living room, very easily. Some people feel limited by the centre light fixture in a dining room, but why can’t you have a beautiful chandelier or other pendant in your living room, just make sure it’s high enough to not bother any tall people in your family. Think outside of your rooms’ labels.

This transformation did just that. It was finished in spring time a few years back.  Click here to read my previous post on this project and how rooms in your home can be altered to suit you and your family.   Needs and wants change throughout life, and your home should change and adapt right along with you.

My client had this formal living room at the front of her home, but they always used the more comfortable and casual family room for guests and also had a great finished basement for their boys and their friends. So the living room languished with beautiful furniture but no purpose.

With her and her husband working from home, this was the ideal space to turn into a home office for her consulting business. It’s ideally situated right by the front door for client visits and with that large arched window bright and welcoming.

Here’s the finished office.




And how it looked before the transformation.




So to recap, the stairway wall and the half wall by the entrance were both closed in to allow french doors to be added to the room.   A trio of long,narrow and frosted windows were added to the now full entrance wall to keep the light flowing between the entry and the office.ff

The first item purchased was the desk with its dark grey wood legs and glossy grey lacquered top, and it help dictate the feminine mood and style of the space.


Next, the Ikea’s Galant cabinets and bookcases were purchased in grey to coordinate with the desk.  Add, a black and white patterned area rug for a graphic punch and a cosy chair and a half for reading and conversation.  My client’s beautiful new artwork made it easy to choose a colourful purple as an accent.

Lighting is provided by the great sparkly and modern fan that my client found, a modern floor lamp and a glass table lamp that adds a touch more sparkle.

A few more pretty shots.








My client is thrilled and is now inviting clients into her office. I love how changing just one space in your home can transform and enrich your life.  What room could you transform?




  1. Beautiful Lisa! I love the artwork, both in the before and after shots. Your client has great taste – which also explains why she chose you! Great job!

  2. Great job, Lisa! I love the neutral backdrop for the colourful art, and that desk is amazing.

  3. Lovely, Lisa! Love the desk, great find. Such a transformation!

    • My client instantly feel in love when she saw that desk and it was the perfect piece to start the transformation. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. The room looks absolutely perfect! I’m not surprised your client loves the space, I’m head over heels in love if it! Great job!!!

  5. That office is stunning. The only problem is that I would want to move my pillow in there and sleep on the desk just to be in the beauty and stare at that magnificent painting! Great job.

  6. Wow, this is beautiful! So sleek and polished!

  7. What an elegant space! I can’t take my eyes of the painting – what a statement, I love it.

  8. That office space looks gorgeous! I love that rug too, it’s perfect!

  9. Wow! Fabulous redesign — and I love the concept of making the best use of our space. One question: do the husband and wife take turns using the desk?

    • Hi Anne, this is strictly the wife’s home office as she operates her consulting firm from this space. Hubby has his own great office upstairs.

  10. Oh, how I love your style!! This office you’ve created oozes serenity and calm!! I love the vibrant art against the natural backdrop, I love that plant you used, I love it all!! The mood it sets is really so …zen?!”)
    Great, great job, honestly!!