Victoria + Albert inspiration…..

Whenever, I’m planning a space, the first things I look for are the statement pieces, in a living room that may mean the sofa or fireplace.  In a bedroom, it would be the bed and headboard, so it makes sense that in the bathroom it is going to be the bathtub.


Victoria + Albert‘s tubs are perfect when you are seeking inspiration or a starting off point. Once you have the bath sorted out, you can move on to the tiles, fixtures and lighting.  Keep in mind that these lovely baths are made out Englishcast, which is a finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with resin. It allows each tub to be made from one piece and is finished by hand.  It is naturally white with a gloss finish and has excellent stain resistance, a huge plus in the bathroom.

These are just a few that I would love to incorporate in a breathtaking bathroom.

The Barcelona  Victoria_Albert_Barcelona_US2

The Calbrits


or the Toulouse below.


And I was lucky enough to try out the very comfortable Calbrits while at the Architectural Digest Home Show.

V&A tub

So which one would you use?



  1. I’m lovin the first one best!! It’s classy and simple!!

  2. Lisa, that tub looks like it was designed for you!
    As much as I love the look of a free standing tub, I just can’t stand cleaning between the tub and the walls. The tub in our last apt was free standing, and we ended up connecting it to the wall for that reason. That being said, If I had a maid… I’d pick the Calbrits /Your pretty smile sold me 😉

    xox Linda