WOW, what a trip!

I’m back from BlogtourNYC and my head is just aswirling with all the inspiration, motivation, information and ideas that came out of those incredible five design filled days.

BlogTour Badge NYC (black)

I can’t thank Veronika and Tim from Modenus enough for the fabulous itinerary they planned and for making sure none of us got lost along the way…not an easy feat with all our design ADD.  They and the fabulous BlogtourNYC sponsors took such great care of us…such great care that my jeans were just a little tight coming back…sigh…..even with all that walking.

It was truly a delight to meet all the other bloggers on the trip.  I am now dreaming of many trips to Europe, just so I can visit with Gem, Louisa, Kate, Emily, Zoe, Heather, Tim, Munter, Ricarda and Desiree.  And those in North America aren’t getting off easy either, I’m already scheduled in to see Lori in LA and Irene in Sonoma Valley very soon.  And I think I need to add Florida, Chicago and North Carolina to the list as well.

I need some time to process everything and to go through about a million…well, ok…about a thousand photos and figure out which ones will make the cut.

Stay tuned, I have tons to blog about….