Yet another treasure

Okay, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer about the little painting in my previous blog.

Well this little painting was found in the bunkie with a broken frame and glass and I thought it was so lovely that I had it looked at by an antique dealer.

Here’s an up close shot:


Well, it was deemed an original watercolour in very good condition. The colours are quite vivid with very little damage considering it was kept in an unheated bunkie for at least 10 years. It is dated 1871 and has an original signature of E. Batt or Bait.  The antique expert said it was done by an amateur painter, probably a woman and that it was likely painted on site but that the people in it were probably added in.


I just thought it was so charming that I had to get it professionally framed with archival glass and matting, and then I brought it home.

I’d love to know where exactly it was painted – the dealer thought maybe eastern Canada.  Does anyone recognize the landscape in the painting?

There are still a couple of other items there that I haven’t gotten too.  One, I pulled out a few weekends ago while my friend and fellow decorator and blogger, Sonya Kinkade was up at the cottage with me.  Well, she was practically ready to arm wrestle me for it, so stay tuned for another post about yet another treasure from the cottage…….



  1. No idea about the painting but it sure is fantastic, glad you got it framed!

  2. 1871? That’s amazing! I love the look of this painting, I have no idea where the scene is, I hope someone will recognize it! I think it’s so great that you got it framed to preserve it, and I can’t wait to here about the item you almost had to arm wrestle for 😉

  3. Neat! Hmmm – I’ve got a couple of older prints hanging around that have been handed down a couple of times — I’ll have to get the name of your antiques dealer!

    Can’t wait to see what Sonya arm wrestled you for :)!

  4. What a lovely painting! It really matchs your blog layout haha! Isn’t it amazing how different a painting looks after reframing? I love that matting you chose, looks wonderful with both the painting and your walls!

  5. You really hit the motherlode of treasures when you bought your cottage!! This painting is so charming. I don’t recognize the setting, but hopefully someone who sees the painting will recognize it.

    Did you sign up for the Bake-N-Blog??


  6. You’re right Linda it does match – too funny!
    No Kelly I haven’t signed up yet but I plan too -my poor diet is being sadly neglected lately!!!